Saturday, September 8, 2018

Just Belt It

My mom downloaded an app awhile back that had a bunch of nice dresses, so she asked if each of us girls would like a dress . . . I saw this one and thought it was so pretty and unique. 

I loved it - except I have this thing about wanting a waist. 

Some probably think it looks fine as is. But I had to get a belt. And then after that I just went crazy (note the scarf in my hair for a full gypsy look) 
Dress without embellishment.

Now doesn't the belt make it look a hundred times better?

And the scarf it just so fun, plus adds color ;) 

This is one of my favorites of the pictures ;) 

The poor flowers were hailed on, so I showed them off. 

Just balancing

Dress: Wish
Belt:  Little Bluebird Boutique FB and Little Bluebird Boutique Website
Necklace: I made it :)
Sandals: Walmart
Scarf: Thrift Store

I wore this outfit to a friend's graduation party. They had such a nice yard I decided to do my photo shoot there ;) That's why the scenery is so pretty. But I'm afraid the lighting isn't the best ;/ 

Would you wear a dress like this? And if so would you belt it or not? 

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