Thursday, January 30, 2014

True Love...Is It Worth the Wait?

True Love Waits 

We've all heard the whole "true love waits" thing. Stay pure, save yourself for the one you'll marry, and wait for sex until you are actually married. We've seen the message displayed on posters, tee shirts, bible covers, purity rings, etc. A lot of us have even made the promise, but under the pressure of pop culture we've also been faced with a question.

Is It Really Worth Waiting? 

Well, is it? In a world that objectifies, idolizes, and pushes sex is it really worth it to wait? How can you guarantee your future significant other will? How can you know it isn't just some old-fashioned and outdated idea? What if you're missing out on something? Besides everyone's doing it, right?
You go through school being taught "safe" sex. You watch it promoted on TV. You hear about the scandals and the one night stands of Hollywood that are glorified for everyone to see.
They tell you to explore, have fun, experiment, and get experience. Make yourself feel good just so you can get sick on the emotional roller coater that follows.
With so much social pressure from the media, friends, and even in some cases family waiting almost seems like a huge waste of time. But is it?
What's the answer?

Yes,  Waiting Is Totally Worth Everything. 

After all when was the last time you head someone say they regretted waiting? I don't know about you, but that's one thing I have yet to hear. On the other hand I've lost track of all the young women in their twenties that have told me they regretted not waiting. Waiting might seem old fashioned, but it has never hurt anyone, whereas countless futures have been complicated because of the extra emotional baggage that comes with sex outside of marriage.


Well you see, when Adam and Eve were created they were meant to stay with each other for the rest of their lives. Marriage was something that was supposed to literally last until death, and intimacy was created for the confines of marriage. It was perfect.
That is, it was perfect until sin entered into the world, which was followed by lust. On average, statistics show that most teenagers loose their virginity between ages 16-18. At this time you're emotionally confused, driven by hormones, and certainly (or at least in most cases) not ready to get married. However, the issue is that relationships today are so caught up in the physical that concern for purity gets pushed to the side.

Will You Wait? 

Yet despite the push from pop culture, there are so many kids out there who are sticking with the struggle to stay pure and save themselves for marriage. Not only does this decision give glory and honor to God, but it also helps safe guard yourself against sin now and helps build a pure foundation for marriage later on.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Quest for Fitness

 Hey everyone! Leah agreed to let me post today instead of yesterday, which I'm incredibly thankful for. I had planned a nice outfit post for you guys, but circumstances are making that look like a no-go for now. You see, we can't use our water right now because of a broken pipe in our town. We have water, but I guess it has lots of chemicals or something. So, I took pictures for my blog post a few days ago, but I only managed a few good ones. And now, I'm afraid my dress might be under a pile of laundry or hard to get to, since we can't wash any clothes. So, for now, I'm going to talk about something I'd like to accomplish. :) And I'd like to get you gals involved as well.

 I want to get fit. I'm not necessarily talking about getting skinny, or getting muscular. But I'm talking about feeling more healthy about my body. This fitness is about exercise as well as choices in food and drink.

 I've done some research, and I'm trying to work on becoming healthier.

 For example, I often only drink water, while my brothers enjoy sweet tea. Sometimes if we go by a coffee shop, I might grab something, and I occasionally make some lemonade. And... sometimes I have gotten a pop (soda) when we're traveling, or I'm sick, but that's definitely not a normal occurrence. But for casual drinking? I'm a water drinker. All the way. And guess what? I've heard water described as the 'miracle fat burner.' Apparently, dehydration slows down fat burning. Which is why if you're involved in a workout... or anything really... that makes you thirsty, listen to that instinct and guzzle some water.  Here's an interesting article about drinking water and it's benefits. Also, I've heard that drinking a glass of water before a meal helps with weight loss and overall health. So drink that water. But if you want to enjoy something now and again, don't hold yourself back. A glass of sweet tea, or whatever can be a reward.

Fun Fact: Fidgeting can help you burn around 300 calories a day.

 I've been on pinterest a lot lately, researching different things. One of them is for my Health board. On this board I plan to post many different things, so far mostly exercise ideas, but I plan to branch out. Anyway, I've encountered some interesting ideas that I'll share with you. I've yet to attempt all of them, but those I have... well they're quite interesting.

 This is the Scientific Seven Minute Workout.

 Now, I tried this when I was sick. Which I definitely do not recommend because when I got around the 10th step I had to stop for chest pains. Anyway, for me this was a pretty intense workout. I'm not exactly fit in the exercise way, so I suppose I have to build up to be able to accomplish everything on the list. I was able to do basically everything before step ten except for the triceps chair dip, and I think I was just confused about how to do that properly. And I need to do a push up the right way. Haha. Anywho, my stomach muscles are still sore from this workout, and I'm taking that as a good thing. When I'm 100% I want to try it again.

 If you check out my pinterest Health board, I have several other similar workouts, and some other things that might be a little easier for beginners, and possibly a little challenging for you fitness freaks. ;)

 I'll try to update you guys on how my quest goes. There are several other things that are involved in the recipe for fitness. Sometimes, getting into the habit of going for a walk everyday can be just as healthy as working out. And of course, eating healthier has it's benefits!

 Things like eggs are especially beneficial to a healthy lifestyle. (And weight loss.) Here's another article that has a few interesting fitness points. Some, I aim to try.

 As a Christian, I think keeping yourself healthy is a very important thing. The Bible says that our body is a temple. The temple was a very important spiritual place. So if God sees our bodies as an important spiritual place, we should strive to keep it clean and healthy.
  So, here goes. A more active lifestyle coming up! (Of course I've always tried to be healthy, but let's see if I can go the extra mile.) What do you guys think? Wanna try this fitness thing with me? Or are you already pumping weights/working out/staying healthy? :P

 Remember that you are beautiful the way God created you! Don't feel discouraged. I know just how you feel. And I may talk about that soon. :)

 Love you guys!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Faith, Soaps & Love {review}

Good afternoon ladies!
Today we have a review from Faith, Soaps & Love. And as the title suggests, this review is all about...SOAP! Wonderfully delicious,  homemade soap.
I have to say that I knew I'd love this business from the moment I first browsed the Etsy store.
The variety of soap scents/styles available, combined with the fact that the store owner professes to be Christian with her use of Bible verses on the soap labels, made me instantly want to do a review with FS&L.
So I was delighted when Tracy agreed and sent me a few of her items.
She sent a both a Midnight Pomegranate and Dragon's Blood soap. And surprised me also with a corresponding solid lotion bar in Midnight Pomegranate.


Seriously, I love everything here.
The Midnight Pomegranate soap and lotion smell exactly like the Bath & Body Works originals, which I am a huge fan of and have used for years.
I've had everything sitting on my desk since I first got it in the mail, and my desk is where I do most of my studies/schoolwork and writing etc. So I've gotten to smell these wonderful scents the whole time and I've not even used them in the shower yet!
  All three products sent me were packaged very professionally. And as I said earlier, I love how there are Scripture verses included on the business cards and on the solid lotion tube container.
Speaking of the solid lotion, this has been one of my favorite beauty products lately.
I know it was intended for use as obviously a moisturizer, but I've been utilizing it as a solid perfume since I love the smell so much. I just rub it on my wrists, lower forearms and neck - voila! I smell instantly fabulous. Of course, it also works wonderfully for its original purpose as a lotion - I usually feel my hands get very dry after I wash dishes so I rubbed some of this on them and it definitely improved their condition.
In short, if I buy any more lotion - or solid perfume in the future, it will probably be from here. You can get a tube for $6.50 which is a pretty good price for quality, homemade goods!

The Dragon's Blood soap is amazing. I showed it to Mom and she wants to try it out, she liked the scent so much. She even asked if she could 'do a review' of it. Haha!
But in all seriousness, mmmm this is a nice soap. It even looks cool. You can't tell in any of my pictures really but there are these neat sparkly gold specks on the top ridges.
The scent is delightfully warm and enticing.  A tad on the exotic side.  Features hints of amber, vanilla and patchouli. Mmmm-mm!

The Midnight Pomegranate soap is of course my favorite. I could keep on smelling it for ages and not get tired of its wonderful aroma! Haha, so maybe I sound a little obsessed with wonderful smells right now. But hey, the sense of smell is a blessing is it not?
This soap has a very feminine, romantic scent. Fruity, of course! Along with the main notes of pomegranate, it features hints of orange, cinnamon and vanilla. Delishhh!

Overall, I recommend Faith, Soaps & Love 100%.
The products are phenomenal, and the shop owner was such a pleasure to work with. If I can support any Christian businesses I will certainly try to do so over a secular business. Supporting fellow brothers and sisters in the faith is something I think we should do as much as we're able.
So if you need to buy some soap, or just want to because by now you're convinced this store is awesome, check out FS&L right now.
And while you're at it, why not like them on Facebook?
 Here's a further incentive to buy something from FS&L - Tracy has offered a coupon code just for APOC readers, for 15% off your order! Better hurry and take advantage of it, it lasts till February 28th. 
The coupon code is "CLASSY".
Hope y'all are having a blessed day!
Note: I was provided these items from Faith, Soaps & Love in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed remain mine and mine alone.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bible Verses for You

     I entered these in a bible verse picture editing competition.  I thought that a mini post was better than none, and I thought you readers might be interested in it.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Classy, Girly Beret {review}

Hello ladies!
Sorry it's been so long since I've done a post. I feel bad about it - I mean, shouldn't the organizer of the site be the one who posts regularly/predictably?
I hope y'all will forgive me, pwetty pwease with sugar on top? Because we have a new series of reviews coming up over the next few weeks, which I think you peeps will like. And here folks is the very first review of 2014!
So, I was sent a snug-as-a-bug handmade beret from Rhymit on Etsy.
First of all one of my favorite things about this time of year is the fact that you can bundle up and wear cute wintry accessories! Take hats for example. I'm in love with hats. Berets, newsboy caps, beanies, fedoras (even though I've yet to find one of those yet) you name it.
Hats like this add classiness to just about any outfit. And they're usually super cute!
This was the first beret I'd ever been sent to review, and it certainly qualifies under the cute category.

It's definitely a quality hat, and the craftsmanship is evident. My favorite thing is that it's so soft and comfy!

I'm not a huge pink person, I'll admit. I don't naturally go for pink stuff when I see it. However, in this case, the texture of the hat is so soft it's hard not to want to wear it. It's lightweight and yet still adds warmth. It's very feminine and girly.

I would recommend this shop for sure. You should check it out for yourself! There is a lovely array of other colors and hat designs, and everything's handcrafted! The owner of the shop was a pleasure to work with.
You can check out here blog for the shop, here.
Note: I was provided this item from Rhymit in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed remain mine and mine alone.