Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sharing Fun

Some weeks are just great. 

Others are even greater. Like my last couple weeks.

I have got to spend so much time with a couple of my friends. 

These pictures from a photo shoot we did at one of their houses.

As you can tell, it was a pretty location...and we had a lot of fun!

And, yes, pink and green are my go-to colors. They are just so gorgeous together! 

SHIRT: Hand-me-down
SKIRT: Bargain hunt
TANK TOP: Wal-mart
NECKLACE: Hand-me-down
BRACELET: A small boutique store
HAT: Gift

Photo shoots like these are so fun! Dressing up with friends, smiling, doing crazy things - it's all an adventure! I must say I really enjoyed this one though :)

What have you done lately that has just made your week? Feel free to share - and let me know what you think about my crazy outfit ;)

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Spring...Winter...It's All the Same Some Places

"Haven't done any photo shoots in awhile!"
Quickly digs through phone pictures looking for some quick inspiration.
"Oh what's this?"
A photo shoot that I totally forgot to post! Haha. Well, looks like you will all get a winter post on this beautiful spring day. :)

On that day I was freezing...little thinking that when I would be posting this that I would be so hot!!

Such snow as this is cold!! ;)

But it's still fun! 

Meet Goldie, my walking companion.
Hiding behind this branch doesn't work. ;b

Hello, world!

Hello, tree.

Goodbye, ya'll!

Skirt: Goodwill
Sweater/shirt: Ross
Scarf: Gift
Bracelet  #1: Made
Bracelet  #2: Gift
Shoes: I can't remember what shoes I was wearing!! LOL!!!!

Hope you all enjoined this bit of winter "fashion"! Haha. Have a great week!
And let me know what you think :b