Saturday, May 12, 2018

Be A Sunflower...

... or a hippie wearing flowers ;D I just love flowers, to be honest :D 

I don't know if I've ever done a high pony tail before? I really loved how it looked with this outfit - and the Lila Rose clip added a really nice touch. 

I ordered it and a larger one from this friend on facebook

Trying to show off all the jewelry ;p

Whose left their hand prints dripping? 

Smile, cause my hair is already higher than the wind.

Sunflower pose.

Shirt: thrifted
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: thrifted
Tank top: Walm-mart
Bracelets: 1. made, 2. bought (?) 3. gifted
Necklace: Made

What are you feeling like the weekend?

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Yea, Though I Walk Through Unending Prairies

Another mountain climbed. Another valley crossed. They turned over another cornerstone, opened a new page.

They have done much in life.

"God, why am I the only Christian that has made neither progress in my walk with you, and with the destiny of my life? Am I lukewarm? Neither hot nor cold?"

Before me. Behind me. It's the same. It stretches for miles and miles. I continue to move, but the scenery stays the same. An unending prairie - in front and behind.

Dull. Lifeless. Void of anything different.

Yet, I continue to go. My path is too easy to walk. Yet I find this in itself too hard.

Because when something is hard, when it has texture it is easier to keep going. It must also be easier to forget that they even have to walk, and in a way one could enjoy the hardships, because it adds color to life. Their mountains and valleys show progress.

All around me, my friends join me on my path for a short while, before heading back to their mountains.

I hear stories of reaching the peak of their mountain of joy. Yes, they have fallen into the valleys of sin, and had a hard time climbing some of those rocky terrains, but at least they could always see the distance they had put behind them.

The final peak may be far, but they can see themselves coming to it. Sometimes they don't even need to go any where, because of how sure they are of making it.

But me? Why do I even continue to walk? My path has had no turns, besides those of temptation. It had neither gone up or down. Always the same.

I can see not where I'm going, nor where I've come from.

And then I hear a voice. God. "It's not the path that matters, nor how many trials others seem to experience. Sometimes the easiest path can be the hardest And most worthy - because it is the one that takes more determination. You must constantly drive yourself forwards to a goal you can barely see. And despite the lack of progress you think you see, you continue going."

I smile.

So that is the secret.

It's about me keeping on. Continuing on the path God has given me, not jealous of others' trials and joys.

It's about me staying joyful despite that my path has appeared as a prairie wasteland instead of a magnificent mountain.

It's about me being joyful where God has placed me, and not trying to run off to join the others on their mountains. Not that those are evil.

But that is not where God has called me.

I laugh with inner joy.

The others' demeaning shouts - when they try to downplay my trials, I will not let it bother me.

For none of that matters.

All that matters is keeping on. Doing what God has for me. And not caring if my own personal desire for achievement is ever satisfied.

God's way is enough.

Hello, Reader. Do you ever feel this way... that life just seems to continue on without challenge or excitement? It's a dangerous place to be... for shortly after writing this post I was finally tossed into the mountains and I acquired that struggle I yearned to know. It was not at all glamorous, but painful. But still yet again I learned... I learned how to be satisfied no matter where I was walking in life.

Be careful what you wish for. And learn to love and smile wherever you are... that's the key to learning contentment :) 

This was originally posted on my blog, Keturah's Korner

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Who loves sweaters? 

I used to not love them. To be honest, I'd be happy if it were always summer, and I would wear bright colored t-shirts, full wide skirts that dance, and pink flip flops.

Sadly, I live in Montana right now.

And I hate being cold.

That just means I've had to find a new love... sweaters!

My family says most of my sweaters are ugly. But they are my style... so warm, so soft, and just my colors :D

This sweater was given to me by one of my best friends when I first became a Ruby Girl three or so years ago. I wear it so much ;p 

I bought this while shopping with friends back when I was a Ruby girl several years ago.

I recently found this lovely sweater at a thrift store. It made me think of Super Girl...  So nerdy and feminine all at once. AndI loved the pink and grey.. so of course I bought it! 

Makes for artsy photos.

This sweater is one of my favorites, but I never wear it in public as my family says it's horrible. II bought it at a thrift store years ago. t's 100% wool, so warm and comfy! It's way too big, but I love it :D

Do you like sweaters? Would you wear any of these? 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Convenience of Obedience

Originally posted here

“Obedience just isn't always the most convenient. In fact, most of the time it's unrealistic for my life.”

Let's just be realistic here for a second.

Obedience is very helpful, and very convenient at times. And I'm not talking about the times when we are the ones being obeyed.

I'm talking about those nasty times when you are told to do something, yet you do not want to do it. When basically not doing it would be called disobeying.

Oh, yeah, those times.

What lovely times.

But seriously, we all will have to admit at some point: Obedience is a necessary part of life, rules are the only strategy we have to stop full-out chaos.

You may not want to stop at those red lights. But in the end it will be the most convenient thing to do to stop from dying in an immediate car crash.

It may seem pretty fun as a little kid to do what ever you want, “forget” half the rules, but even a kid finds obeying the rules will eventually let them get away with more.


Any intelligent person will know that it is only logical that life be full of them (personal rules and rules others hold us accountable to), that societies be built by them, that governments be ruled by them.

Then why is it in religion it is the rules we look down on?

What is so wrong about these rules? Is it legalism?

Or is legalism just a word we use to get away with being selfish?

Think about it.

All rules have reason. Especially God's, the one who created reason and logic.

So why do we rebel against obeying?


Is it that hard to do what is best for us? (Obviously yes, or none of us would eat sugary, artificial foods that kill). ;)

But as to inconvenient?

None of what God has asked is inconvenient. Not any of His word is legalistic. That's our flesh warring against what we want, what we desire.

Because God's love and sacrifice was designed for our convenience, to save us from a very miserable, inconvenient heat.

Believe me guys, the path to Hell may seem more easy and fun, but in the end it sure won't seem like we had made the most wise decision. It won't be so convenient for our skin.

Guys, obeying is good, it is necessary. For our well-being, our soul destination, our relationships.

I have always loved this verse. This story is just so great. It expresses God's desire for our hearts to be right with Him, not in doing what we think is right.

(1 Samuel 15:22) Hath the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.

Saul had been told to wait for Samuel to perform the sacrifice, but he was too anxious to start the war, afraid that God and Samuel would not be there for him. So he disobeyed and performed the sacrifice, in the end angering God and forfeiting his own throne.

Why do we choose to think that the only way is our way?

Why must we question all of God's commandments to try and see if they will work for our lives, fit into what we think and believe?

Is life that much about false convenience that we forget the truth about obedience?

It's time we draw closer to God, and stop thinking about what we can try and get away with.

Choose to follow Yeshua (Jesus).

Let's stop trying to get around obeying God's will. It will never work out.

(John 14:21) He that has my commandments, and keeps them, he it is that loves me: and he that loves me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

(1 John 5:3) For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

What Would I Be Wearing?

So, sometimes I have really weird thoughts.

Just like my fashion tastes. I mean, who but me would wear this:

Yes. OK, a little weird, I'll admit. And, yes, I went out in public in this. But, hey, I loved it!

Anyways, to get on point.

As I was wearing this I started realizing each item had a huge story. Each story different, separated by time and place. Yet each of those together had brought me to where I was now, here. Another place, another time.

I wondered, "If I hadn't experienced what I had what would I be wearing today? Would my fashion style be crazier, or more sane?"

The hat is the oldest piece of this outfit. At least the oldest as to coming into my possession. When I was  seventeen-eighteen I knitted for a local yarn shop. I made a decent amount of money doing so, plus I was able to trade for quality yarn without spending my own cash. This hat is one of my favorite things I made myself from that time.

Back when the world saw me as a knitter. I brought my knitting everywhere with me. For every stitch counted. Every moment was money being earned or not.

The skirt came from my time as a Ruby Girl, the second time. Being a Ruby girl changed me in so many ways. Or did it develop me into more of me? I'm not sure. But it was one the hardest and best things I ever did. Some of my best (and worst) memories come from then.

One time while shopping with friends I found the material for this skirt at Walmart and loved it! It was on sale for a super good price. The skirt cost me $1 to make ;)

The shirt was a hand-me-down from a neighbor we met when I first moved to Montana with my family. Back then I was obsessed with embroidery, and knitting, a little. I would take my embroidered tea towels to every boutique-type business or gas station to see if they wanted to buy my work.

The lady who gave me this shirt was one of the first people I asked to buy my embroidery. I now see a lot of her, and have received a good deal of clothing from  her.

The boots came from a family we met at a church we've been regularly attending now for about three years. We almost didn't go to that church... my family has been the type to believe independent of man, straight from scripture not the pulpit. Yet we all needed fellowship. And so we went. It's been a great growing experience, even though we still believe to study from Bible over man first.

And so, my crazy outfit really has a lot to say. And I realize this is true of all my clothes. They all tell a story of my life in Missouri, Montana, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Texas. Some of the stories are complicated. Some of them determined where I am today. Some of them are merely reminders of memories I'd rather not dwell on... yet how can you throw away a skirt simply because of where you got it from, or who it reminds you of?

I keep the clothes as long as I need them. The memories will come or go anyways. And they will continue to blossom as I live life and experience new things.

Yet, sometimes I wonder, as I did while wearing that above outfit, "What sort of person would I be like, what I would be wearing, if I had done that differently?"

It's an interesting question.

And a reminder that what I wear is influenced by who I am.

What memories do you associate with what you are wearing today? Do you ever wonder what you might be wearing if you had walked a different path than you walk now?

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Deceptive Distractions (A Spiritual Slide)

Originally posted here

(To be) Convicted.

The thing about conviction is that it can happen in strange ways - and right when you are least expecting it.

Maybe even through words you hear all the time.

Convictions - there's no stopping them, there's just ignoring them. And I've found that if you need to hear something - you will hear it.

In life, we all have, to some degree, a glimpse of what we should do, a taste of what our purpose and calling is.

Some of us have blocked it out, and some of us have a hard time seeing it, but over all, we each have a goal, a destiny.

But sometimes we loose sight of what our purpose is

Last couple weeks I have been experiencing this. I was starting to lack passion and even sight of my goal.

The worst thing is I wasn't paying attention, and to such an extent that I didn't realize I was no longer focused on what I should have been.

I first came to this realization the other morning when an older man was speaking to me.

Now, it is not uncommon for him to speak to me or the other kids around here, and what he spoke on wasn't even that uncommon for him to be saying, but the way he worded it made me think.

And maybe it had a lot to do with I just needed to hear these specific words again.

"Keturah," he said. "Remember to keep seeking God And follow His calling for your life. Don't let distractions stop you from doing His work."

I did as I normally do when he speaks, nod and agree. For all he says is always good, but I don't always dwell on it much afterwards. But this time I was still thinking (deeply) about it even after he had left.



They are so easy to allow.

When I should be praying, reading, studying, being with someone, or doing something there might be that time when I'm giving into the common distractions:

Other social reading.
Excess reading.
Excess social activities.

But it is so easy to know that these are distractions and to stop doing them, to turn back to what I should be doing.

Self-control in these areas can be a lot easier then one realizes.

Thinking more, I began to realize that there are other distractions out there that hinder me from doing what I am called to do. More deceptive distractions. Things that keep me from focusing on anything that is worthy and productive and constructive.

These distractions have a way of taking over your thought life so that you are now devoting all your energy to what is worthless. You are no longer focused on what is important.

Distraction, once again, has taken over.

And the list can go on and on 

These sort of distractions creep on you too easily, so that you give them all your thoughts, feed them all your emotions, yet never realize you have been distracted from what is truly right.


Sometimes they can even keep you from experiencing great things. Seeing new things. Even coming t new revelations. These sort of distractions clog up one's mind so that there purpose is now forgotten.

Can I just clarify this?: I felt very convicted, and I told my roommate all these thoughts right away.

She was like, "Wow, that is good."

Just think about it? Yes, some of those other things in that first list do keep us from our work, but it is also these latter things, these emotions that we give room to, that take over our thought and spiritual life.

They can break our purpose down more than some of the physical distractions to such a point that anything we try to do becomes useless and of no account.

And so, I decided, I would not allow my mind-activity to go to waste thinking on useless distractions designed only to keep me from my true calling.

So, joking, but also serious, I told my roommate, "If I get distracted by silly, deceptive things, make sure to tell me that I'm getting off track."

Though now I almost wish I didn't say that - for she is probably going to do just as I asked and say, "Dear Keturah, watch out, you are distracted" when I am in the midst of a heated rant.

Oh, my what shall I do?

Does life seem to be only going downhill for you? Could the reason possibly have something to do with you have become distracted from what you should be doing? Look into what you are giving all your thoughts to. What do you rant about? What have you been passionate about? Distraction. It can creep up - but we can still kick it out - choose to refocus on what God has for us in this life. Choose His destiny over any silly distractions that we may be feeding.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Clean Fashion

Online I am known as a blogger/ writer. 
In real life I am known for MANY things. 
One of those things include what I do for work: cleaning house.

I never thought I'd clean house for a living when I was younger. Cleaning houses... just doesn't seem like a career.

The thing? I love it. And it makes more money than many careers. Plus I am in control of my schedule.

I love it. So much that I started an Instagram page. Part satire, part work-aholic A Cleaning Gal is one of my favorite social media sites. I've even made up my own # for my posts... #amcleaning 

Check it out if you like laughing. Or if you'd just like an excuse to roll your eyes more at me ;) 

But as for fashion.

As I clean a lot, most of what I wear throughout the week has to be practical for what I'm doing. Cleaning.

  • Must do well with cleaners/ bleach
  • Skirts aren't too practical as I can't worry about my clothes falling down.
  • Dresses can't be too long. I want to clean, not trip over myself.
  • Not too tight, not too loose. Cleaning must be comfortable.
  • Pockets are a plus as I like to listen to music and my device has to have a place to be.
  • Color makes cleaning all the more vibrant!

I wore this a lot all summer. Sadly, this dress is no longer wearable. 

Lately this has been the dress I wear the most. I made this dress several years ago, but never actually liked it enough to wear until recently. I love that it has pockets!
I wore this skirt for years. It too just passed on recently.

This is my current second most worn outfit for cleaning.

 I used to never wear or like jumpers. But as I clean more and more I find myself liking them for some odd reason.

They can be practical and pretty. Or so my mind is now convinced.

If you'd like to see other things I wear/ do as I clean make sure to check out my IG page.

What about you? Do you have a special fashion style for your work life?