Saturday, December 23, 2017

Sin Defined

In my post, Am I Safe in My Sin?, I talked about whether or not we as individual Christians ought to sin.

But that brought up the question "What is sin?"

This post was  originally posted on Keturah's Korner. 

According to the online dictionary sin is:

"An immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law. 
'A sin in the eyes of God' 
Synonyms: immoral act, wrong, wrongdoing, act of evil/wickedness, transgression, crime, offense, misdeed, misdemeanor."

It's funny, that even though the Bible has set rules and examples of sin, it's hard to understand what sin really is.

That's because sin and evil aren't things or made-up rules. They are ideas - theological  and philosophical concepts.

Once you understand that sin is not a thing but an abstract reality, it's easier to answer the following questions;

1. "What is sin?"
2. "Who made sin?"
3. "Who decided what sin is?"
4. "Who punishes sin?"

1. As sin is not a thing, but a concept, what is the concept of sin?
Sin is not only the opposite of good, but the result of good missing.
Logically, we can come to the conclusion that sin only exists because of lack of a perfection or good-doing.

2. Who made sin? Or more like, how can one sin if it is an idea?
If sin is the result of taking away good - then sin is made by the offender and no one else is to blame.
Also, the idea of sin forces for there to be one to sin against. This is partly why those that do not believe in God can not believe in sin either.
This is why we punish the one committing the crime - never anyone else. And it's also the reason we are each responsible for our own actions and consequences - because WE are the ones that create our sin.
It's a choice matter.

3. Sin is of itself a "religious" thing.
It's rare that an unbeliever will actually admit to having "sinned" even if they happen to have that sense of guilt that means they have sinned
Sin is that which violates good, and in essence of His nature, God is good. Thus sin is that which violates God.
And what ever violates Him and the nature of good is sin.
So, it's not so much that God or the Bible has made up what is sin, but He has defined it for us.
God has revealed to us all that would disrupt or cause good to be gone.
And that process is called sin.

4. Only good can punish sin. Why?
Because evil punishing evil would only create more evil. But good can bring both justice and mercy to the offender.
When one is totally incorrupted it has the authority to continue pushing goodness onto sin, and vanquishing it.

The idea and concepts around sin are very important. They prove God's existence, and also demand our continual steadfastness to His goodness.

Even though sin is something we'd like to forget about, I believe that we should at least understand what it is so that when asked hard questions or facing temptations we will be prepared to say and do the right things. 

1 Peter 1:16: Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

Matt 5:48: Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Colorful Skirts That Dance

Hello! I just love full, brightly colored skirts. I love unique, I love color, I love soft fabrics that fly and dance about.

And sometimes I like matching them with crazy shirts ;)

I grew up knowing stripes and patterns DON'T go together. 
But every now and then I like to rebel against the rules ;) 

Because it was almost as funny as embarrassing... 

My new facebook profile :) 

This following skirt has been a favorite of mine for years. But it was time to say goodbye... the pull string at the waist broke, and it was covered in holes. 

I had to hold it up for these pictures... it was trying to fall down the whole time ;p 

Anyways... we had to get "last pictures" with this skirt before I finally had to throw it away. 

It looks like I'm holding my stomach... I'm really keeping the skirt up. ;D 

My little sister wanted to get in on the photography... she has a weird sense of humor. Like me :D 

Everything in these pictures was thrifted. The first skirt is actually a vintage skirt I found at a small thrift store in Washington spring of 2017. I was beyond thrilled :D

I just realized... I'm wearing the same necklace with both outfits. A lady I clean for gave it to me after I house-sat for her for a couple weeks. The cross is made from the Red Wood trees of California.

Shoes: Yeah, bare feet are the best... for pictures especially.

Do you ever love to wear full, crazy skirts? What is your opinion of stripes+patterns? Have you found any neat thrift stores finds recently?