Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rheas Renditions {Product Review}

Hey, everyone! Another review for you!
This shop is A M A Z I N G. I love it! This bracelet is a very study, light-weight bracelet.

It's handmade. It has a bottle-cap kind of feel to it. The laces that you wrap around your wrist is a very soft, lovely suede. I am in love with suede. It's comfortable and simple, but it's beautiful.

You can't really see the color in this picture. Trust me, the color is fabulous. Very deep and it stands out in the light. The suede is comfortable, and it doesn't dig into your arm, like I thought it might.

Real or not real, printed out on a burnt scrap of paper. The texture of the bracelet is fantastic. No sharp edges that could cut into you. It's gentle.

The only thing I don't really like about it is how long the laces are. It's very complicated to tie. I'm probably not even doing it right.

As you can see, there's a lot of excess lace left. Two laces on each side. So, my confusion has to be understandable, right? I'm not very good at figuring out how to tie these things. Might as well ask me to solve a Rubik cube.

The color came out a little better here. Oh, did I mention these are Limited Edition? Of course I didn't. And, you can choose your own colors. Say, you don't really care for the copper, but you love the blue. I'm sure she can work something out for you. There's also black suede, if you don't care for the brown. I, personally, think the brown is best. I've seen red, too. And green.

It's very slim. I love it.

They're not all fandom related. She has many others, and not all bracelets. She has bottle-cap necklaces, earrings, and a bunch of other cool stuff. She has a lot of steampunk, Hunger Games/Divergent, video game, and just random pieces of jewelry and hair accessories. You really should check her out.

You can find here here, at RheasRenditions. And for this particular bracelet, you can find it HERE.

Please, please, PLEASE go look at her shop. You wouldn't believe how awesome it is.

Thanks for reading! Now go check her stuff out!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Putting an Outfit Together


Being 'stylish' or 'classy' doesn't have to be difficult.  Look at the above formula.  You start with a basic piece (I usually start with an interest piece), then add the other three pieces in.  Right there you have a complete outfit.  This formula an work for any type of outfit: casual, work, dressy, church, etc.  

A couple outfit examples:

Interest Piece: Plaid shirt
Basic Piece: Jean Skirt
Completer Piece: Tank Top
Accessories: Bracelet and Chucks

Interest Piece: Tank Top
Basic Piece: Skirt
Completer Piece: Jean Jacket
Accessories: Shoes, Purse, Earrings

Interest Piece: Dress
Completer Piece: Jacket
Accessories: Shoes, Necklace, Purse

Interest Piece: Maxi Dress
Basic Piece: Cardigan
Completer Piece: Belt
Accessories: Scarf, Shoes, Purse

Interest Piece: Cardigan
Basic Piece: Jean Skirt
Completer Piece: Tank Top
Accessories: Purse, TOMS

All outfits via Polyvore

Use this formula to change up your wardrobe.  Mix and match the clothes you normally wear together with ones you normally wouldn't wear together.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

5 Ways to Exercise + The Scent of Magnolia & Rose {review}

Pinned Image
So, we all know the importance of exercise in our lives, right? Of course we do. In this day and age, it's almost impossible not to know.
But, just knowing doesn't burn calories or build stamina! You have to get up and move - and sometimes, it can be hard to find ways to work exercise into your daily schedule. So that's what we're going to look at today: 5 ways to get your heart pumping, and blood flowing - in a way that's practical for even the utmost beginner athlete.
I know many of you ladies live in the suburbs, or in the city - you might live in places where it may not be very safe to go running by yourself or just take a stroll down the block alone. Maybe where you live do don't have a big yard, and doing laps around the perimeter isn't very appealing to you.
The question plagues you every day when you look at yourself in the mirror, or see somebody else working out. What can you do?
Have no fear, the ideas are here! Hopefully these tips will benefit both the city girl and country maiden alike.
1. Get pinning! If you haven't checked out the myriads of exercise pins on Pinterest, you should. I have found lots of great ideas for short work-outs I can do in the privacy of my own bedroom- you don't hardly need any space at all, which is awesome! Want to tone those abs? Or what about your arms, legs? When I was recovering from a running injury, I found out some great quad work-outs which helped to strengthen my knees even when I wasn't running.
2. Help out the family!  If you are still living at home with your siblings and parents, then most likely there are chores to accomplish. Even if you have a small yard, you could make an extra effort to help keep it clean and orderly. Mow the grass during the summer, (and don't use the riding kind, either! Where's the exercise in THAT?) rake leaves in the fall, and if you live in an area where it's cold enough, shovel snow in wintertime. Yard work, at my house, is a great way for us kids to honor our parents, especially my dad, who appreciates a tidy living place! Even vacuuming the living room can burn calories, if you want it to.
3. Get involved! If you live in a community with lots of neighbors nearby
, than take a walk with some of your family members or friends/church members and see if you can serve by helping with other peoples' yard work. Knock on doors, ask if there's anything they need help with! Maybe you know somebody who has an old wreck for a house and they could use some assistance renovating it. Recently, my family helped a local lady fix up a house she owned. Not only were we blessing her and showing the love of Christ, but it wasn't that shabby of a work-out!
4. LIFT! So, you don't need a full weight set and all the hardware to lift weights. You can find old weights at yard sales, or even be creative and find other things to lift without spending a dime. Weight-lifting is excellent for building muscle and retaining it. Not to mention, when you lift weights, the calories will continue to burn long after you've finished a lifting session, as the muscles recover. Isn't that awesome? You can start by lifting smaller weights - 5 pound dumbbells for example - and gradually build up as you feel ready. Just be careful not to overdo it. Go slow!
5. Dance! Zumba classes or ballet shoes are not required! You can simply turn on some of your favorite tunes, and get those limbs moving! I have learned different routines by watching YouTube videos and also, my aunt's shown me a few Zumba moves, which helps. But this isn't necessary for you to have fun and get into it. I usually do it in my bedroom where I don't have to worry about anyone seeing me, haha. This is more for modesty reasons, as I think that dancing can be a potential stumbling block to the opposite gender, and I have 5 other male people in my house. Plus, well, my routines aren't exactly anywhere near professional or polished, to put it mildly. *snickers*
 So, there you go! I will hopefully be doing more posts on fitness and exercise in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled, and tell me what you think so far!
Now, to the other half of today's post.
So you worked out. You got a shower, and combined with the endorphins running through your brain, you feel ah-mazing. Now, what would top this bliss off to perfection?
A splash or two, of this.

Sooo you've already seen me do one review post here on natural, homemade perfumes.
Well, this isn't just another natural, homemade perfume!
I was told by somebody that my reviews are mainly just a bunch of raves - me "oohing and ahhing" over stuff people send me.
Well, to the person who told me that, you are right - it may look like that, from a first glance.
BUT. I'll remind y'all that every review I do is an honest one - I don't take honesty lightly. If I say I'm being honest, you can count on me to be honest. 100%.
I promise you that none of my reviews flatter in vain or against my opinion. If I don't like something, I'll tell you guys! It just so happens that most of the things I've been sent to review, I liked a lot - hence the apparent "oohing and ahhing". (Just wanted to clear that up.)
Both scents are delightful - honestly. I kid you not when I say they are my favorite perfumes right now. Especially the rose petals one. (I have always adored the scent of roses - they're one of my favorite flowers, as are gardenias.)
I have been wearing this one everyyyywhere. It's potent, and that's how I like my perfume. The gardenia perfume is also just as strong in scent.
Both perfumes are oily in consistency, which I like because it's easier to massage it into your skin, and it seems to remain there's not a light type of perfume for body misting.
I have already begun considering purchasing another rose petals perfume from this business when this current one is finished. Wait. Scratch the "considering" part. I'm certain that if I buy perfume, this will be the next one I get.
Hence, we have the bottom line: YOU MUST GET THIS.  Well, at least try it. If you love flower-scented perfumes, I guarantee you'll enjoy these two. There are also a variety of other lovely scents available in the shop....go check it out now!
Many thanks to Passion Moon Potions for providing these excellent products!
Note: I was provided these items from Passion Moon Potions in exchange for my honest review. All opinions remain mine and mine alone.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

 I had planned a review of this absolutely adorable headband that came in, but than I remembered... today is Memorial Day. Instead of posting about headbands and etc, I just want to show our respect to the soldiers of this country who have sacrificed so much for this country. They have sacrificed time, time they could have spent with loved ones, some may have sacrificed body areas with terrible injuries, and some have even sacrificed their lives for one word: freedom.

I thank God for the soldiers who have stepped up in whatever area they are in: Army, Marines, National Guard... whoever you are, you are appreciated! My own brother-in-law is in the National Guard, and that just brings this closer to home. Let's show support of our troops, in whatever capacity they are working. Let's pray for them. Let's honor them.



A Pink Gown {ClassyGarb}

The back of the dress
(Sorry I'm posting this Monday morning rather than Sunday!)

I love to sew. I think some of the classiest dresses I've ever seen were handmade! :-D I do have a sewing machine, so it was not *handsewn*, but this was completely done by me. :-) It was made with 3 modified patterns to become one pattern! I also added a detachable belt, but that doesn't show up in these pictures. :-)

Unfortunately, I forgot to time it, so I have no idea how long it actually took me to sew this! :-P

The front
A cute picture my sister took.

The back.

I just adore the button!

It's so swishy!

So, there's my dress! I love it so much, and feel incredibly classy in it. :D Now I just need some pearls and gloves to finish the look!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

DansLeBasDuFleuve {Product Review}

Hey, everyone!

On the twentieth I got an item to review, and I was so excited when I saw the package!  Everyone loves getting things in the mail, and this one I was especially excited about.  The review came from the Etsy shop, DansLeBasDuFleuve.
My silk nightgown!
Yup, as the caption below the picture says, I got a silk nightgown.  ^_^  I was so excited.  I love silk anything!
I opened the package, and found it all wrapped in ribbon, in pink tissue paper, in bubble wrap (gotta love the bubble wrap.)  I also found a little bag, with two other items in it.
A beautiful blue, leafy brooch!
 I love this brooch.  I'm a big fan of leafy patterns.

And a teeny, little perfume bottle!
I love teeny bottles!  I didn't know how much I loved teeny bottles until I got this!

And, now for the critiques.
This nightgown feels amazing.  You have no idea how nice it is to sleep in silk.  But there are a couple of things I would like to point out.
Number one: It's see-through.  Yeah.  In that picture, I have on white leggings and a chemise.  If you get something that's see-through, like these, you have to wear things underneath to stay modest.
Number two: It's short, on me, at least.  That is entirely my fault, because I didn't check the size like I should have, but it goes just above my knee.  So, that's another reason I'm wearing white leggings.
Another good thing I have to say about this:
Lace hemming.
The lace on this nightgown just tops it off.  It accents the pink, and makes it look cute.
One thing I have to say about this brooch: your style has to be the kind of style that can wear bigger jewelry to wear something like this.  If you're the kind of person he wears small heart necklaces or little stud earrings, this probably wouldn't be the type of jewelry you would wear.  But if you're the kind of person he wears larger jewelry, I would definitely suggest this.
Okay.  One thing.  I have never had a teeny perfume bottle.  Ever.  This is amazing.  Now, I can tell you this: I am not a perfume expert.  Anyone who knows me knows I'm not really the perfume type person.  But, in my opinion, this smells pretty good.  Plus, it's in a teeny bottle!

All these items came from DansLeBasDuFleuve.  They sell a lot of vintage and upcycled items, so please go and check them out!  If you want to see their items, you can find their shop here.  Thank you for reading!  I hope you liked the post!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Happy Thought Indeed {Product Review}

Hello, lovely people!

I have a review for you today, *Effie voice on* brought to you all the way from the Capitol! Okay, no, it's not. It's actually from a really lovely lady over on Etsy. She sent me a Hunger Games book page pendant necklace for free in return of a review.

Isn't it lovely? It even has a little Mockingjay attached to it!

What I love most about this necklace is the quality. You wouldn't think it'd be very sturdy, but it is. But it's not heavy (obviously). It's light and simple, but very charming and pretty. It doesn't over-do itself. Which means you don't have to worry about wearing it with the wrong outfit, because it can go with anything.

Trust me, I tried to make it out-do something.

It's not at all from the Capitol. So you can't pretend you're Effie with this.

Again, trust me. I've tried.

There's nothing wrong with it. The chain is sturdy and will be hard to break. So it's great if you have, say, six little siblings who like to break your necklaces like I do. That's right, brother. Don't plan on breaking this here necklace.

I was expecting the pendant to say "Katniss," but it didn't. But it DOES say Peeta, so I got the next best thing! I'm really glad it didn't say Gale. I would have cried 'cuz I'd have to send it to Abri since she likes Gale and I don't. Anyone's name but Gale's. She could have sent me "President Snow" and I would have been happy.

the back

The side

Every Hunger Games fan needs one of these. And even if you're not a Hunger Games fan, you still need one! Why? Because she has one's that aren't for Hunger Games fans. Say you like Pride and Prejudice? She has some for you! And she has one's for maps. And . . . okay, okay, I'll just give you her link so you can see what she has for yourself.

Check her out at A Happy Thought Indeed. You won't regret it. All of her stuff is eight dollars and under. And they are awesome!

Also, can we just talk about her awesome cards?

I mean, really. They are PERF.

That's all for today! Now GO. Go check out her shop!