Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dresses {Alyson's Thrift Corner}

The most expensive thing you will pay for at garage sales is dresses. I have spent anywhere from $1 to $8. While $8 is a lot for me to pay for garage sale anything, I have to remember that it is so much cheaper than if I bought it in the store. With church and school events, it is very nice to have pretty dresses without paying a ton. 
They are going to be the iffy-est thing you buy too. I find myself questioning myself most when I am considering a dress. If it is on the cheaper side and you think it might fit, buy it. If it doesn’t fit, you can give it away. If it’s on the more expensive side, you might think twice. Remember that when I say “more expensive,” I am saying $8-$10.
I am blessed to know someone who alters clothes for a very cheap price. If you know someone like that or you can do it yourself, then that’s great. It’s always wonderful to know that if it doesn’t fit, I can make it fit.

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