Monday, May 13, 2013

Lip Plumping - Yay or Nay?

The Ruthie Liptiful Tool
(photo credit of Liptiful)
Hello ladies!
This is Leah Kathryn.  You're probably wondering what happened to Bethany, right?
Well, unfortunately, she's been sick... (Get better soon, amiga!) so I'm covering for her today.
A thing that has been becoming increasingly popular lately is lip plumping.
Some women get it done through injections and harmful chemicals. Others, use more "natural" items  like the Liptiful tool, which doesn't require injection or chemical - it's simply a PVC like piece which creates suction on your mouth, intended to firm up your lip/mouth area.
Liptiful sent me two of their plumpers a few weeks ago to review.


I was sent the "Pearly", pictured above, (photo taken from Liptiful Etsy shop) and a larger one.

The whole concept of using a plastic piece to create suction which in turn firms the mouth-area muscles is definitely rather intriguing.  The individual pieces themselves are decorated really cute, too.

However, after some discussion on these items, with my dear Mom, I've been led to question further the entire premise of 'lip plumping.'
What exactly is the point?

We live in a society which tells us that big, poufy, "plump" lips are enviable and "sexy". Models and celebrities are seen flaunting huge lips - Many whose original form and size has been altered by surgical, artificial means - implants, or injections.

Is this the image of health and true beauty?

(Sorry if these pictures disturb you - I just wanted to show the reality of what is being displayed today as attractive!)

If you already have naturally full lips, I'm not saying you should somehow find a way to change that and make them un-full. That would be ridiculous!  What I'm saying is, I believe lip plumping is something that's done because girls and women aren't satisfied with how their lips already look.(Do I catch a hint of ungratefulness?)

Obviously, true modesty and beauty revolves around being content with what God has already given you.

Now, some argue that lip plumping/exercise is no different than working out the rest of your body. But think about this for a moment. When you weight lift or go for a run, you're building muscle and keeping your body strong and fit; thus able to work and operate at the most optimal capability.

What does lip plumping achieve that's comparable to over-all body health? Does lip plumping burn calories, make you more physically capable of serving others, or help build discipline and good lifestyle habits?
Be honest with yourself, even though this may sound like a drastic question - do you think lip plumping points other people to God?

Do you think a Proverbs 31 woman would plump her lips?

Speaking of such, Bethany actually did a post on lips , some time ago, which has relevance to this topic.
As she stated therein, we can use our lips to ensnare and tempt, if we wish. We can use our lips to bring attention to ourselves, and very easily.

But is that true beauty?

Personally, whenever I hear "lip plumping", I just think that it's really nothing more than another attempt to be sexy. (And we all know that sexy girls aren't modest girls!)

So, overall, I'll have to give this product a thumbs-down. 
Girls, you were made beautiful - yes, even your lips - from the very beginning! And you don't need lip plumping to show this.

 In Christ,
 Note: I was provided this item from Liptiful in exchange for my honest review. All opinions stated are mine and mine alone.


  1. I have never been, and probably will never be, remotely interested in plumping my lips in any way or method, so know I'm saying this from the heart. (Personally I always thought lip plumping was a really strange thing, and even weird just to say. "Lip plumping"?)

    I can see what you're saying, but I can also see the flipside of the coin - plumping your lips to be attractive or pretty, not because of low self-esteem, but in the way people use makeup or clothes or shoes or nail polish or (fill in the blank). After all, a lot of the stuff we girls use in our appearance is in no way necessary and just makes us look pretty. Wanting to look pretty doesn't mean we have self esteem issues or are unhappy with our bodies. And any of the things we do/use to make ourselves prettier or more attractive can be used in the wrong way as well as the right way.

    (That said, I agree lip plumping in particular is probably mostly a sexy thing. But I'll also point out that there are modest women who want to be sexy for their husbands - that's all well and good. I know that's not what you were saying, but the wording of "sexy girls *aren't* modest girls" - as in ever, in any case - comes off not quite how you intended, I think.)

    1. Thanks for your comment Emily!
      You're right - make up, nail polish etc can all be used for either wrongly or appropriately. I personally believe though that whereas a little touch of make up doesn't overtly alter your appearance, lip plumping over the course of several months- a year *can*. And, even though it isn't wrong inherently to mildly alter your appearance, once again; for what purpose? A little bit of make up can actually bring out your features...whereas lip plumping distorts them to a degree.

      And I agree -wanting to be pretty doesn't mean you are discontent with your body. God created in women, I believe, a desire to be beautiful!

      (Concerning the ladies who want to be sexy for their husbands - This is in no way wrong, in my opinion - as long as it's kept only around your husband where no other men are present. Unfortunately lip plumping doesn't work that way! And, an another note...for whom would a 14 year old *girl* want to look sexy? :P)

  2. Great review!! Thank you.
    My daughter came up with this idea because we have a ministry to our dear model friends, and we love them so much. We knew they had a need for full lips for photo shoots. It really is a different world, the whole modeling industry.
    We are so excited about our new prototypes being made right now from a company in Tx, so the Liptifuls will be lots of different fun shapes by the end of summer. All patent pending.
    Liptiful has really helped my 15 yr. old daughter who has a really flat top lip, and the plumping provides natural fullness for her which she loves! I love the natural fullness I get now since I am 40 (Used to have fuller lips). And I love to plump for fun to make them extra full for my husband and pics I text him! :)
    Mostly I love the toning it provides my lip area. Muscle training provides volume and helps with saggy face muscles. It also has strengthened my cheek area enough so my mouth doesn't fall open when I sleep anymore.
    It's a great thing that God gave us this idea. Believe me it was hard to introduce a lip plumping tool (ha!), but I think it will give healthy options to the million girls out there who are interested in plumping. And I hope it will help those other girls, like yourself, have a super fun way to just add healthy color and fullness as you age and sadly lose those youthful things. My husband is so happy all the ways I try to stay youthful and fit for him.
    I have studied exercise for over 20 years and I know this concept may seem strange to someone who hasn't studied it. I have lots of info. about our tool on my Etsy shop home page, and reviews on facebook.
    May the Lord bless all of you. What a wonderful blog!!
    Joanna Shepherd

  3. Keep up the good work, Joanna. I am so thankful for my Liptiful tool. After numerous jaw surgeries due to a bone cancer, my facial muscles were very damaged and my lips unhealthy in appearance. The Liptiful tool has helped me to restore muscle strength and tone to my face and also bring back the healthy color and "plumpness" to my lips that was lost during sickness. It in no way distorts my beauty or makes it appear unnatural.

  4. I have told Joanna this personally but I really wish something like this was around when my mom was alive. She had Bel-palsy and it was years before half of her face finally recovered completely. This tool definitely would have helped..

  5. Purchased one, got zero results, contacted her, excuses were made and no refund or exchange was given (despite refunds being offered to others, which I SS' ed). This lady is a first class charlatan. Talk to any dermatologist about what suction does to the lips and the the skin around the month. They'll tell you suction causes wrinkles (hello, smokers!). Ridiculous product. Can't believe I fell for it and wasted my hard earned money.