Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Slips and Petticoats

We focus so much on what others see, that we don't really talk about the nitty gritty of clothing.  So, that brings me to slips and petticoats.

I love my slips.  I have a longer (mid-calf one) for longer skirts and then a knee-length one for shorter skirts. Not only do slips make thinner skirts no longer see through, they help them hang nicer.  

Slips come in two styles: full and half.  Full slips are basically a tank top and half slip in one piece.  They work great for dresses that tend to cling or are see through.  

The half slip is looks just like a plain skirt with an elastic waist.  They come in a variety of lengths and are super easy to whip up yourself.  In the winter, wearing a flannel lined slip keeps you quite warm.  

Most slips are made of rayon, but you can find some made of cotton (Etsy is a great place to find cotton slips).  Cotton slips are great for hot, muggy climates, while flannel-lined slips are great for keeping warm in colder climates.

1950's petticoat (poodle skirts anyone?)
Petticoats are a little harder to find and once again Etsy is a great place to find them.  Petticoats have been around for centuries.  They started gaining popularity around the 1600s to help the wearer achieve the small waist fashion.  The petticoats were elaborately decorated and worn under split skirts.  

During the early/mid-1800s multiple petticoats were worn to create a full skirt, especially for dancing.  Then during the Edwardian era slender skirts became more popular, so the number of petticoats worn at once decreased.  In the 1950s, petticoats became popular with teenage girls especially with poodle skirts.

Petticoats are slowly making a comeback.  Today, petticoats are typically worn under bridal and formal wear to create a full skirt appearance and are made of a variety of materials (cotton, tulle, etc.).  You can wear petticoats under everyday dresses or jumpers for fuller skirt, plus they are a lot of fun to twirl around with =)

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  1. I wear petty pants. They are slips that have two legs.