Friday, May 3, 2013

A Modest Solution for Tube Top Dresses

 Originally I was planning on doing a review on a book that talked about things such as modesty and loving your family and a mix of other topics, but something happened yesterday and I just had to post about it! For many years I have wanted a long blue dress, that is modest. Sadly, there are not a lot out there that are modest of the kind that I prefer.
Well yesterday as my Mom and I were searching for some clothes for my youngest sister Liberty, I found a gorgeous blue dress! But there was one problem, and it was a BIG problem.....the dress was a tube top dress. (You know, the one that goes up right to under your arm and has no sleeves) Of course, I had to admire the style and color before moving on, but I definitely was NOT going to buy it, then my Mom came up with a wonderful idea! The store we were shopping at had a large variety of jackets     which covered up what it needed to cover on me pretty well. I was so thrilled!  Even though I was really in need of an mp3, I willingly bought the dress and jacket instead.
 When my Mom originally gave me the idea of posting about this on APOC, I was not sure what this had to do with modesty, but she told me that the jacket was a wonderful modesty tip on how to still keep those beautiful dresses that you love so much, that might not cover up enough. I believe that the jacket definitely did do its job. I put it on several times (All my siblings wanted to see it, and when you live in a large family all of them are usually not around at the moment you need them!) and all my siblings and family thought it looked great. I did notice one problem though, I have asked my sister Mikaela, who is the crafty kid (In a good way!) in our family to sew some straps onto it, very thin straps so that way you do not see them through the jacket but at least something to help keep the dress from falling down! You might consider that too if you try out this idea. :) 
My amazing Mom took some pictures of me the other day in the dress so I could add some examples. I am sorry, but I was only able to add two. Please excuse me if I do not look the happiest...I have the hardest time smiling for more than 3 hurts my cheeks for some reason. Here they are. 
What do you think? Is the jacket a good idea or not? Have a wonderful day! 


  1. The picture isn't working, but I would love to see it!

  2. The photo isn't loading, but I LOVE jackets and sweaters and things. They're so helpful!

  3. Oh! I am so sorry! I will try to go in and fix it sometime. I literally published this blog two minutes before my family left on a camping trip, and it was soooo hectic! Thank you girls for pointing that out!

  4. hmm.. i can't see the picture either, but I would really love to see it!

  5. I can see the pictures now!
    adding a jacket to the dress is wonderful! I love that idea! and the dress is beautiful.

  6. Very pretty, Evangela. The blue and white colors goe well with your complexion and hair color. I do wonder though, is it uncomfortable to wear tube top dress? I've never done so, so I don't know what it's like. Do you have issues keeping the top up from falling down? (I've heard 'horror stories' of this happening...yikes.)