Monday, May 13, 2013

Willow Springs Natural Perfume {review}

For those of you who love using essential oils, you will surely like this natural perfume from Willow Springs.
The scent is a pungent lavender, and I was sent this roll-on fragrance a couple weeks ago to review here on APOC.

It is a good-sized flask. I like that it's a roll on perfume, this factor makes it very easy to apply.
There are only 3 apparent ingredients. Another thing I approve of, because usually, the more ingredients are in a perfume or beauty item, the more UN-natural it is! (Random note, but this goes for what we consume food-wise, as well!)
It also smells VERY lavender-y. Not a fake sort of lavender, either. It smells just like the pure lavender essential oil itself. My mom, who loves to use essential oils as I do, immediately liked this perfume.

It is potent as I said before, so therefore it lasts a while.
Overall I would say this is a good, natural smelling fragrance for anyone who despises synthetic scents manufactured in huge factory where you don't have any idea what in the world they're putting into the mix!
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 Note: I was provided this item from Willow Spring in exchange for my honest review. All opinions remain mine and mine alone.

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