Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Happy Thought Indeed {Product Review}

Hello, lovely people!

I have a review for you today, *Effie voice on* brought to you all the way from the Capitol! Okay, no, it's not. It's actually from a really lovely lady over on Etsy. She sent me a Hunger Games book page pendant necklace for free in return of a review.

Isn't it lovely? It even has a little Mockingjay attached to it!

What I love most about this necklace is the quality. You wouldn't think it'd be very sturdy, but it is. But it's not heavy (obviously). It's light and simple, but very charming and pretty. It doesn't over-do itself. Which means you don't have to worry about wearing it with the wrong outfit, because it can go with anything.

Trust me, I tried to make it out-do something.

It's not at all from the Capitol. So you can't pretend you're Effie with this.

Again, trust me. I've tried.

There's nothing wrong with it. The chain is sturdy and will be hard to break. So it's great if you have, say, six little siblings who like to break your necklaces like I do. That's right, brother. Don't plan on breaking this here necklace.

I was expecting the pendant to say "Katniss," but it didn't. But it DOES say Peeta, so I got the next best thing! I'm really glad it didn't say Gale. I would have cried 'cuz I'd have to send it to Abri since she likes Gale and I don't. Anyone's name but Gale's. She could have sent me "President Snow" and I would have been happy.

the back

The side

Every Hunger Games fan needs one of these. And even if you're not a Hunger Games fan, you still need one! Why? Because she has one's that aren't for Hunger Games fans. Say you like Pride and Prejudice? She has some for you! And she has one's for maps. And . . . okay, okay, I'll just give you her link so you can see what she has for yourself.

Check her out at A Happy Thought Indeed. You won't regret it. All of her stuff is eight dollars and under. And they are awesome!

Also, can we just talk about her awesome cards?

I mean, really. They are PERF.

That's all for today! Now GO. Go check out her shop!