Saturday, October 21, 2017

Flowing On The Go

"What should I do? What am I SUPPOSE to do?"

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"Just go with the flow." 

"Trust God. Just see what happens." 

"No need to worry about it. Everything WILL work out."

Now this is all good advice. But it's all missing something. It's lacking the solution to the real question. 


 There's no action in any of those answers. 

 "It'll happen." 

 Yes, it's good to just wait and have patience.
 Worry never helps. 
Trust is very good. 

And it is very, very good to rely on God. 

 But after that? 

 We have to move. 

Take action. 

 Along with doing that we have to still have patience and trust God. 

We still need to go with the flow... but we need to make sure we are on the go. 

 We should be passively active. 

 So, keep moving towards more than inactivity.

Let's flow towards purposeful outcomes. Never go with the flow - but let's be flowing on the go!!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Blowing Bubbles Because That's What They Are For

Sometimes it's fun to dress up - especially when there is a wedding ;)

My brother and I accidentally matched. 

Blowing Bubbles Because That's What They Are For 

The skirt is a gift from an aunt - 100% silk :D 
Everything else is thrifted :) 

I must say - why buy clothes new, if you can find them both cheaper and nicer at thrift stores???