Classy Resources

On this page you will find links to other sites which provide modest fashion examples and ideas, as well as all-around encouragement! Disclaimer: While me may support these blogs, we may not agree with 100% of what their authors believe or write/post about.

| Classy Fashion Blogs |

| Classy Homemaking Resources |

  • Bulk Herb Store  (Find lots of high quality herbs and herbal products, as well as articles on how to use them, and even some fashion tips and ideas!)

| Classy Miscellaneouses |

| Classy Literature |

  • "Preparing to be a Helpmeet" by Debi Pearl (Buy it here)
  • "Be Your Own Doctor" by Rachel Weaver
  • "The Chase" by Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky

| The Authors' Blogs |

Have any resources you'd like to recommend? Shoot us an email here.

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  1. I would love if you would list my blog, All Things Good.