Friday, March 27, 2015

Julienne Vegetable Peeler {Product Review} & Giveaway

Hello, my friends! Tonight I am reviewing something that could be useful around the house, more specifically the kitchen. That thing is the Ultra Sharp Dual Julienne Peeler from Keri's Kitchen. I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

 This is a new type of peeler. It isn't that little one that is so hard to push down and peel with.  This one is shaped rather differently than you would expect, but it is pretty amazing. So far my mom has used it to cute up vegetables and she loves the thing. It cuts precise, thin strips. These thin strips can be used for multiple purposes.

 I think my mom's favorite aspect is that it is sharp, easy to lose, and cuts such a thin peel and she doesn't have to worry about it being too thick or anything as it does its work naturally. It also doesn't waste any of your vegetable. She recommends that it doesn't be kept around children though, which is pretty much a given because the blades are sharp.

The cleaning brush.
 The peeler is stainless steel, which is pretty awesome and means that it should last much longer than something that might be plastic or something. It also has a lifetime guarantee so if anything ever happens to it, we can get it taken care of.
It also comes with a small cleaning brush, which I think is a pretty cool addition.

 Mom's verdict on this is that it is a wonderful product, and at less than $9 on Amazon, it's a pretty valuable item you can have.

All right. Before I go, they've offered to give away a peeler! If you want to try this yourself, comment below! Tell me what your favorite vegetable is. :)

 Also, the washguard giveaway is ending soon!

~ Bethany

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Water Away {Product Review}

 So apparently these reviews were scheduled to end on the same date. Whoops! This review is for Water Away - Natural Diuretic Water Pills from Zhou Nutrition. I received this free in exchange for my honest review.

 Sadly, we ran out of time to give this a proper review, so I'll tell you a bit about the product. The purpose of it is to remove excess water, which should in turn help you lose weight and give other health benefits. It has many great ingredients like potassium, dandelion, green tea, apple cider vinegar, and more. So it's all natural and not filled with a bunch of junky stuff. I like the idea of this,
though on the other hand your body does need a certain amount of liquid to be healthy. I believe the purpose of this is only to remove the excess liquid from your body.

 I think one main thing about this is to help you if you're bloating. It has gotten great reviews from people who experience these problems so it seems to work rather well. If you'd like to try it out for yourself, buy it here. It is a natural alternative to the harsh chemicals of prescription stuff.

Washguard Lingerie Bag {Product Review}

Okay, if there are any guys lurking... this post is for the ladies. I mean, it could possibly be useful for the fellas, but the content is mostly lady focused. Tonight I have the pleasure of reviewing a Washguard Lingerie Bag from IX Better Home.

 Here's just a simple photo we took of the bag by itself.

 I'd like to start by saying what an amazing company this is for their customer service. Every question I had to ask was promptly answered with politeness and care. I think this is the best company I've worked with when it comes to customer care and that is so important.

 The bag is high quality. You can tell that it was made with care. It is made with high quality polyester. You use it to wash delicates. You know how when you wash delicates (like uncerclothing, blouses, socks, stockings, and scarves) and they can get torn or caught or knotted? Well this bag prevents that. Because of the specific way it is designed, its contents are protected from
This photo sent by owner.
the annoying and common clothing problems.

 It comes in a couple of sizes. I believe mine is the medium size, which is bigger than it looks in the photos, in actuality around 12 x 16 inches. So it actually fits several items. My mom says it works great.

 If you're tired of all the problems I mentioned, this might be the perfect solution. And guess what? IX Better Home has offered a free bag to one of our readers! To enter, all you have to win all you have to do is comment on our facebook page, mentioning the bags, or leave a comment here! Giveaway ends on the 31 so don't wait!

 You can buy one of these bags here.

~ Bethany

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Adeline Anti-Aging Moisturizer {Product Review}

 Hi everyone. My obsession with moisturizer continues. It seems the more I try different kinds the more I want to try other kinds. On the other hand, I'm building myself a good collection and won't need to buy any for a while. So this evening I am reviewing Adeline Anti-Aging Moisturizer from Adeline Skincare. I received this product from the company and Tomoson in exchange for my honest review.

 When the package arrived it soon became evident that some care had not been taken in getting it to my house. And it wasn't the company's fault in any way. The package deliverers somewhere along the way mishandled it. But it's okay, because nothing was severely damaged. As you can see from my photograph, the only strange thing is that the sides of the cap are bent in. The actual product wasn't affected at all.

 As soon as it arrived it went onto my mom's dresser like a few of my other products. She enjoys them just as much as I do. When I took it for testing purposes she was quick to ask me where it went. 

 The bottle is very pretty and classic looking. I like the look of the white and silver together. This moisturizer is unique to all of the others I've tried in the scent and feel of it. Most moisturizers have a fresh flowery sort of scent, or something floral or citrusy. Something. This one included mint. I can smell mint in it and I can feel the mint. I love mint, so this is a good thing.

 I like the feel of this moisturizer. It's a mix between thick and thin and wonderfully smooth. It goes on easily so you only need a small amount to cover your entire face. With the addition of the mint, it feels amazing. The mint makes you skin feel cool and tingly, and I just love that. It includes ingredients like Matrixyl, Witch Hazel, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C & Vitamin E. So it's extremely healthy for your skin. In the time I've used it, my skin has felt great. This moisturizer is pretty great.

View it here on Amazon.

~ Bethany

Monday, March 2, 2015

Travel Pillow! {Product Review}

Hi everyone! New review for you today! I'm reviewing the Travel Pillow from Travel Light. (I received this through Tomoson in exchange for my honest review.)

 The worst thing about long car trips is getting comfortable. I actually don't mind the trip part. I can read or do something else. But when you can't get comfortable it is so annoying! I've often found that regular pillows are too large or something and just don't work too well.

 Well, I received this travel pillow. I'll have to post pictures tomorrow when I can get some from the car. My vehicle was gone today and no one took photos, so... But anywho, it is a kind of bow shaped pillow, thinner in the center, so that it fits your neck or whatnot. It's actually not one of the classic U shaped ones, which I think is pretty awesome. I think this version actually helps support better and is more comfortable. It is inflated with a small nob thing you turn on the side. That worked okay, but one day I wanted more air so I just ended up blowing and that worked really fast, so there are both options. It has a strap so you can place it on the headrest of a bucket seat, basically, and not have to worry about it sliding.

 Mannnn this thing turned out to be useful. I travel A LOT. Most of my trips are between forty minutes and an hour and a half, and then church is about twenty minutes, so a lot of time I wish I could sleep. Sometimes I do. The pillow felt so good in the car. It wasn't so soft that it didn't work with the hardness of the seat, but it wasn't so hard as to be uncomfortable.

 I've used it just about every time I've been in the car for the past several occasions. And I plan to keep using it. If you have to ride in the car a lot or are anticipating several long trips soon, this is great. I love it and am keeping it for as long as possible.

 What about you? Do you travel a lot? What's been your favorite place? Mine is Canada! :)