Monday, March 2, 2015

Travel Pillow! {Product Review}

Hi everyone! New review for you today! I'm reviewing the Travel Pillow from Travel Light. (I received this through Tomoson in exchange for my honest review.)

 The worst thing about long car trips is getting comfortable. I actually don't mind the trip part. I can read or do something else. But when you can't get comfortable it is so annoying! I've often found that regular pillows are too large or something and just don't work too well.

 Well, I received this travel pillow. I'll have to post pictures tomorrow when I can get some from the car. My vehicle was gone today and no one took photos, so... But anywho, it is a kind of bow shaped pillow, thinner in the center, so that it fits your neck or whatnot. It's actually not one of the classic U shaped ones, which I think is pretty awesome. I think this version actually helps support better and is more comfortable. It is inflated with a small nob thing you turn on the side. That worked okay, but one day I wanted more air so I just ended up blowing and that worked really fast, so there are both options. It has a strap so you can place it on the headrest of a bucket seat, basically, and not have to worry about it sliding.

 Mannnn this thing turned out to be useful. I travel A LOT. Most of my trips are between forty minutes and an hour and a half, and then church is about twenty minutes, so a lot of time I wish I could sleep. Sometimes I do. The pillow felt so good in the car. It wasn't so soft that it didn't work with the hardness of the seat, but it wasn't so hard as to be uncomfortable.

 I've used it just about every time I've been in the car for the past several occasions. And I plan to keep using it. If you have to ride in the car a lot or are anticipating several long trips soon, this is great. I love it and am keeping it for as long as possible.

 What about you? Do you travel a lot? What's been your favorite place? Mine is Canada! :)

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