Meet the Girls


Hi there. I’m Bethany. I’m a nineteen-year-old girl who desires to glorify God in everything I do- including how I dress. I enjoy helping in Children’s Church at my local church, acting, singing, and writing. You can check me out at my personal blog, where I post every Tuesday, and at a writing blog I collaborate on every Thursday. I truly hope you enjoy your stay here, and that you will be inspired to let your light shine through modesty- and not just in the way you dress. God bless!

Sierra Kay-                 

I'm just a quiet country girl who has two wonderful, godly parents who push me to pursue God and my dreams. At eighteen I'm the oldest of three girls and we're all homeschooled by my mom. My days are filled caring for my two horses, reading books, writing my own books, and playing the piano. Next fall I will be leaving for a Christian university where I'm pursuing a major in English Literature and minor in Music Education. Writing fiction is my calling and I'm an aspiring author with a soon to be published book. Most of all I'm a daughter of the King and I strive to honor Him in everything I do.

Adriana Gabrielle-

 I’m a 18 year old, Christian Author who loves music, reading, drawing and photography. I have a great passion for God, who made the world and everyone and everything in it. I love to blog and wish I could do it for a job. I also love to write novels, most of which deal with many problems in the world and tell people that hope is found in God. (I’m also a full time nerd girl.) If you listen carefully you can sometimes catch me singing as I walk around doing my own little thing because that’s just who I am.…I’m also a girl who’s bucket list is filled mostly with different destinations. (Like Italy, London and Australia to name a few) I might live in Canada but my heart belongs to the world of traveling.

You can find me on my writing blog here. You will also find me on my blog, about living out my faith for God and my life experiences, here.


  1. Awesome blog! Can't wait to see it grow!

  2. Nice blog! I am now going to follow it! Would you like to follow back?

  3. I follow this blog would any of you girls follow mine?
    Thanks to Leah Katherine for following already!

  4. Nice to meet all you girls! I love when I find fellow sisters in Christ who share some of my interests. :) I'm 16 and on fire for my Savior, Jesus Christ! I love to blog, read, write, spend time with friends, and talk about God. Here is my blog site, if any of you are interested!

    Blessings, Sarah Soine

  5. Leah Katherine,
    I sent you my picture with my summary. Could you please put it with my summary?

  6. Hey girls! My name is Amanda and I own a website/newsletter/blog called the South Kakalaki Girl.
    I've been following your blog for about a week and a half and really like everything you were doing. I saw that Catelyn is leaving your blog and won't be posting anymore and I was just wondering if you wanted me to fill in for her? :) I really enjoy writing and am sure that I would be a real asset to your blog. I hope to hear back from you soon!

    1. Hey Amanda! Please email a formal application (Name, age, testimony, what you would write about on the blog, etc.) to Thank you for your interest. We're glad to have you visiting the blog!

      ~ Bethany

    2. Thanks for replying so quickly! I will ask my mom if I could write for you and will email you ASAP.

  7. Wow! Love how much this blog has grown. (I remember being a part of it when it first started up :P Kinda miss it.) Anyways this is not the reason for my comment :P

    I love your blog!
    So, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award!
    – Check out the link on my blog, Adriana Gabrielle Writes, to post back.

  8. Hi! I'm Maddy C. from The Fandom Studio ( I just wanted to say, awesome blog - I've been a longtime reader (since the beginning ;) It's so nice to have a blog that is dedicated to dressing modestly.

    I was wondering if I could contribute from time to time? I enjoy writing and fashion equally - even if I don't often express one through the other :)