Meet the Girls


Bethany Baldwin is a 22-year-old with a desire to be a vessel overflowing for God. Unfortunately, sometimes things spill out. She is working to stay in truth so that what spills out is of good report. She loves to sing, act, and write, all things she feels God gave her a desire to do. The only problem is she often struggles with knowing which one to focus on! You can find her ramblings on books and life at her personal blog: She also posts videos on youtube.


Keturah Lamb is a young woman learning how to both live in and embrace God's reality. The written and verbal words help this process. She likes to call herself a realistic idealist. She has many passions in life, the first being her ideas concerning friendship {love}, the second being laughter {smile}. She fashion blogs the second Saturday of each month here and blogs regularly at her own blog Keturah’s Korner.


One of our founders and the brains behind the start of the blog, Leah no longer contributes, but she has been an integral part of our growing process. Thank you, Leah!


  1. Awesome blog! Can't wait to see it grow!

  2. Nice blog! I am now going to follow it! Would you like to follow back?

  3. I follow this blog would any of you girls follow mine?
    Thanks to Leah Katherine for following already!

  4. Nice to meet all you girls! I love when I find fellow sisters in Christ who share some of my interests. :) I'm 16 and on fire for my Savior, Jesus Christ! I love to blog, read, write, spend time with friends, and talk about God. Here is my blog site, if any of you are interested!

    Blessings, Sarah Soine

  5. Leah Katherine,
    I sent you my picture with my summary. Could you please put it with my summary?

  6. Hey girls! My name is Amanda and I own a website/newsletter/blog called the South Kakalaki Girl.
    I've been following your blog for about a week and a half and really like everything you were doing. I saw that Catelyn is leaving your blog and won't be posting anymore and I was just wondering if you wanted me to fill in for her? :) I really enjoy writing and am sure that I would be a real asset to your blog. I hope to hear back from you soon!

    1. Hey Amanda! Please email a formal application (Name, age, testimony, what you would write about on the blog, etc.) to Thank you for your interest. We're glad to have you visiting the blog!

      ~ Bethany

    2. Thanks for replying so quickly! I will ask my mom if I could write for you and will email you ASAP.

  7. Wow! Love how much this blog has grown. (I remember being a part of it when it first started up :P Kinda miss it.) Anyways this is not the reason for my comment :P

    I love your blog!
    So, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award!
    – Check out the link on my blog, Adriana Gabrielle Writes, to post back.

  8. Hi! I'm Maddy C. from The Fandom Studio ( I just wanted to say, awesome blog - I've been a longtime reader (since the beginning ;) It's so nice to have a blog that is dedicated to dressing modestly.

    I was wondering if I could contribute from time to time? I enjoy writing and fashion equally - even if I don't often express one through the other :)