Saturday, March 26, 2016

Inspirational Fashion

Not really a fashion post - yet, here are some great quotes that might still inspire your dressing style :)

Totally! :)

My closet ;D

I really like this one :)

Wow...this is so much do you say with the way you dress?

What are you WANTING to tell the world?

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!! What was the best thing that happened last week to you?

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Friend-Chooses-Your-Outfit-Day NIGHTMARE

Esther is one of my faithful readers [ and friends ]. 

She and I used to work together. We had some crazy times. Shortly before her wedding we decided to have another one of those crazy times - we each chose the other's outfit then ran out in the freezing cold to do a photo shoot.

We had one rule. That you had to choose a complete outfit for the other person from that person's outfit.

Much to our horror - but not in the least shocked, we were each disgusted with what the other picked out.

I believe I was the most disgusted.

They were my clothes...but, oh, my look what Esther did to me in my very own clothes!

At least I made her look nice :b

Selfie in our outfits.

Esther's {horrific} handiwork.

Trying to look classy.

It don't look like it but I'm freezing!

Agh! How can those clothes be mine!?

Might hate the clothes, but I can still smile the world away!! :)

Now for the wonder of what I chose, I introduce a very lovely outfit - and girl. LOL. 

She's just too cute!

Maintaining dignity in the cold.

Just so lovely. Ah. I'm good at picking out outfits.

Doesn't Esther just have a lovely smile -and hair!?

"Keturah, get me out of this cold before I kill you!"

Once pictures were done we ran for the house where it felt sooooo warm.
Would you ever let your friend choose your outfit - and then wear what she chose? 
Esther, I'm a little afraid we may be the only two insane people out there!