Saturday, August 27, 2016

Fashion Post: Simple Yet Gorgeous Church Outfit

Ok... I am soooo sorry that I haven't posted in FOREVER.

I guess my excuse could be I was busy... lol, but aren't we all always? Haha. 

But the last couple weeks have been pretty exciting!!! I have my driver's license now (finally), got a new phone which will help make better pics for the blog, and I was baptized!!!!

Yes, these last coupld weeks have been VERY eventful ;)

Well, now that my excuse is over... I present to you a fun fashion post ;)

My siblings raise all sorts of birds(mostly chickens).

More of a really neat angle than fashion pic, but it is still pretty neat ;)

Sorry for the seemingly unenthusiastic smiles... it was sunny out ;)


Dress: Borrowed from sister. She got it from a thrift store.
Shirt: Thrift I think
Shoes: Yard sale. (These shoes are Earth Spirit and soooo comfortable!!!)
Necklace: Gift

Wow...this outfit was totally cheap (mostly free)! Yet.. so gorgeous. It just proves you don't need name brands or expensive price tags to dress up - where did those thoughts and mindsets originate from anyways???

As, for my hair, I did a small fish tale braid down the back and a couple small braids at the sides of my head. Fun, easy, quick, and textured :)

Have a great weekend ya'all!!!!!

And a picture of my baptism.. just too great to not share. I'll be doing a full blog post on this over at my blog this next Wednesday.