Saturday, August 31, 2013

ThumbprintEmporia {review}

Hey!  Today I'm doing a review of *drumroll* . . . bug spray!

The shop I'm reviewing is called ThumbprintEmporia.

I know it's the end of summer right now, but the bugs won't be gone for a while and it's always nice to have bug spray, right?

So, I tried this out last weekend when I was on vacation up north.  It worked great when I put it on again after swimming.  But after a couple of hours it wouldn't work.  It frustrated me so much!  I was feeling awful about having to mention that in the blog.  But then I took a closer look at the instructions.

Apply liberally.  If only I had seen that before, I could have saved myself the few bites I got on my legs.

For pets you barely have to put any on them, they're fur holds it all so well.  Yesterday I sprayed this on and went outside.  It was a hundred degrees out, over here, so the bugs we're flying around like crazy.  I sprayed more on than last time, and when I got back - after several hours - I couldn't find a single bite.  I was so happy at how well it worked.  And anyone that walked  past me asked what was smelling so nice.  It was the cinnamon.  That was the easiest scent to smell.

has given our blog and their readers a 50% off coupon for their entire shop!  They got the code wrong on the paper, so it's actually BLOG1.  All you have to do is enter BLOG1 in the coupon code spot at checkout.

sells many items.  Masks, necklaces, coloring books, salves, insect repellent (of course,) cocoa or shea butter, massage oils, and more!  If you want to buy something, you can find it .  Please go ahead and check out their shop.  They would certainly appreciate it.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Pretty Patterns {Classy Garb}

Okay, so personally I find my denim skirts tend to fade quickly.  I also tend to get annoyed and the thwapping (that’s seriously what it sounds like, right?) noise that most all of my long jean skirts make.  Meaning if I wear denim its going to be either jeans or capris. But I LOVE my skirts. They’re so comfy and feminine, not to mention modest (as long as they’re long of course).
So, not really caring for denim skirts caused a bit of a predicament, until I started finding long skirts made out of different materials. I love the pops of color and fun prints they can add to an outfit, which is why I’ve taken pictures of four of my favorite ‘patterned’ outfits to share with you today. 

Greens and Blues

Okay first I want to say this is my favorite skirt ever. The poor thing gets worn at least twice a week.  All the colors and patters makes it so easy to mix with different shirts and styles. Plus it looks really cool when you walk because of the layers. It reminds me of waves on the ocean because it’s a sort of rippling effect. Actually, the whole shirt reminds me of the ocean with all the varying shades of greens and blues.

One of my favorite shirts to wear with it as you can see has horses on it. I'm not big on mixing patterns, but the colors and hues go too well not to pair them. The sandals add to the western feel of the shirt with their faux turquoise accents, which are rather hard to see because of the skirt. -sigh-

Skirt: Coldwater Creek (who said the store was for grandmas?!) 
Shirt: Roper’s (last time I checked they had it on their online store) 
Shoes: JC Penny’s (I got them on the summer clearance sell for $5!)  

Paisley Hues

This skirt is my second favorite. The pattern is fun, but conservative which makes it my top go-to dress for church. Usually I wear it with a matching blue shirt, but my kitten tore a hole in it and the things still sitting on my sewing table waiting to get stitched up. 
Also sorry there's not another picture. My sister and I were in a bit of a rush so she snapped this picture and we left. Hence my awkward posing. 

Skirt: CATO’s 
Shirt: Walmart (because I can’t seem to keep white shirts clean for long, so I don’t like paying for expensive ones) 
Shoes: Payless 

Burst of Blue:

I will admit that when a friend first gave me this skirt I thought the pattern might be to much. After awhile it grew on me though. It’s perfect for the 4th of July because the pattern reminds me a little bit like fireworks. The material is also sort of like a t-shirt (but it's not just cotton) so it's perfect for the summer when things are hot and humid. The length also makes it nice for warm weather because its higher part of my shin, but still covers my knees. Which is a must because with this Texas wind (which I think the devil uses sometimes) will try to blow your skirt up, but that can't happen when its long (take that devil)!

Okay so awkward shoe picture, but at least you can see them. The bows are so sweet and the heel is perfect size for me because I'm a bit accident prone.

Skirt: Not sure. It doesn’t have a tag. 
Shirt: Walmart (like I said white is not white with me) 
Shoes: Payless 

Mint for You

(By the why this is my Narnia light-post, just so you know) 

Definitely one of my outfits with a more vintage feel. It’s perfect for anytime of the year. In the spring it looks great with a cardigan and short sleeve. For the summer it’s light and airy. When fall comes I can layer it with sweaters. And when the snow is piling up I can slip on a pair of black boots and a warm jacket.

Ah, the shoes! They're what makes the whole outfit, right? These would have to be my favorite shoes in my closet though. The kitten heels are darling and they're just perfected with the lace and bows.

Here's a close up of the pattern since it's too small to see in the other pictures.

Skirt: Homemade (I think it was even a homemade pattern.)
Shirt: New York and Company. (A little low-cut, but a camisole fixes it) 
Shoes: Payless (and once again these are my favorite shoes ever) 

Well that’s it. Please ignore my awkwardness in photos. I like snapping them not being in them. Hope you enjoyed and God bless!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Fun Chevron Infinity Scarf! {review}

Good evening, ladies! (and gents - but mainly the ladies since I don't think you guys would be too interested in this kind of scarf. xD)
Today I have something really cool and different for y'all. An infinity scarf review!
I was sent a homemade chevron infinity scarf from Susan at Southern Pursenality .
Firstly, I've never owned an infinity scarf before! The concept always fascinated me. And infinity scarves are SO easy to use and wear! All you do is take the scarf and loop it twice and there you go! A fabulously simple drape.

The packaging was very cute and professional. I even saved the wrapping paper because it was so cute and I like to recycle things.

This scarf is made from a very comfy jersey knit fabric, and the sewing is professional and neat.
Let me tell you, I absolutely love the color scheme here. The mustard/white is nice and catchy, and can liven up many a more droll-looking shirt/outfit. Moi approves!
As I said before, the fabric is soft and extremely wearable. It's lightweight so I wouldn't mind wearing it on a warmer day. (Although I'll admit it's very hard to wear scarves of any sort in FL during the summer!) And of course, it's so easy to work with, being an infinity scarf.
My overall opinion on this scarf?
It's definitely a winner! The price isn't unreasonable for a high quality, handmade item. The shop is owned by a professing Christian mom, and it's obvious she doesn't cut corners on her work! I would totally recommend her shop.
Beyond scarves, Susan has an array of other neat things available as well. Purses, aprons, fabric bins and even iPod cases and diaper clutches to name a few!
Be sure to check out Southern Pursenality here! And go "like" the Facebook page!
ALSO. Something exciting for y'all!
Susan has generously offered to give a 20% discount on any order placed within the next week!
Just use the coupon code BLOG20 when you place your order! (hurry - this is only available for one week!)
Hope everyone is having a blessed summer so far! I certainly am. (looking forward to the cooler months though I'll admit!)
In His love,
Note: I was provided this item from Southern Pursenality in exchange for my honest review. All opinions stated remain mine and mine alone.

Monday, August 26, 2013

What Say The Guys? Guest Post by Chard Phebe

 Most of my closest friends are girls.
  In spending most (if not all) of my high school social life in platonic relationships with girls, while at the same time experiencing my first wonderfully challenging years in relationship with my savior Jesus Christ I have to think I have a very different perspective on male-female relationships than most males my age.

But truly this perspective began with one completely different than the one I now hold.

Yes, I'm ashamed to say that once, my view of women was so tarnished by mass media and the incredible ease of access to sexually explicit content our modern world now provides, that by age 11, I probably thought of girls more as sex objects than human beings.
It’s scary how a girl’s outfit can and will change your entire view of how to treat her as a male.

 I took (and still do take) responsibility for my thoughts and actions, laying them at the foot of the cross when I was 13 and turning away from who I was. As a new Christian trying to obey what Jesus said in Matthew 5:28 about not looking at women with lust while fighting the influx of testosterone slowly making me a man, I often felt disgruntled by how most women (both Christian and non-Christian alike unfortunately) seemed not to care or even notice how they dressed and what it might be doing to the males around them.

Now let me make this point clear: I do believe it is a guy’s responsibility to guard his eyes, heart, and mind, if he sins by looking lustfully at a girl (no matter how skimpily clad) it’s his problem and he needs to repent and ask forgiveness for himself.

Being that I did believe this, I had to learn to bounce my eyes away every low-cut shirt, every high cut skirt, and every girl that seemed to say with her clothing “Look at me! I’m developing physically!”

Safe to say my eyes often feel like pinballs.

The funny thing was that as I was learning to discipline myself when it came to girl’s clothes, I started to notice that the girls I hung out with could be affected very similarly by what boys were wearing.

This was a wake up call.

Suddenly, I started noticing how frequently we men expose our bodies. Whether it’s a 20 foot sign of a shirtless model sporting a six-pack in the mall or guys posting selfies of their bodies on Facebook with the caption “Just back from the gym”, it's like an epidemic. At least with girls, older women and men as well as many Christian leaders made mention of modesty, yet for guys the idea of being modest seems laughable.

I don’t believe this should be. I think modesty can and should apply to all. I know the feeling of relief and gratitude I experience when a girl at church comes in dressed beautifully yet modestly.
 I feel like she knows and cares about the struggles Christian guys face and she’s saying “I know you guys are striving to be like Christ, and I’m not going to let conformity to modern fashion make me a stumbling block to my brothers in Christ.”

You can only imagine my joy at learning there are entire blogs like APOC teaching and exhorting girls to modesty.

In response to the conviction of the Holy Spirit and love for God and my sisters in Christ, I have decided to start dressing more modestly myself.
Now I know that for a guy this might not sound like much, but it has come with some pretty conscious choices: getting shirts a size larger than my size so they don’t hug while also not hanging off me, tucking my shirt (outside of school) so my midriff doesn’t show, and swimming with a shirt on (which I actually enjoy quite frankly).
 Now I’m not saying these to be legalistic to any guys who may come across this site, I’m just saying there are things we can do as guys to be modest. To me, being modest makes me feel like I care about my sisters in Christ, and also I even feel more fearfully and wonderfully made.

To all the girls out there wondering if you won’t look pretty to that special guy wearing a floor length skirt instead of jeans that look like you just painted over your skin, let me assure you, if he’s quality, he will notice you.
I’ll never forget the day in school when in a crowd of girls wearing their typical garb I could only see one girl, an acquaintance of mine who normally wore jeans, wearing a white knee length skirt (very modest in comparison to most girls at my school) and all I could think was “She looks great”.


  Chard Phebe is a nearly eighteen year old author, writer, photographer, and Bible student, as well as the second oldest of six children. He goes by his pen-name C.H. Phebe often online. Starting fall 2013 he will be studying at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida as a Business Management major. In Chard's free time he likes to read, write, blog, and attend home groups/serve in his church. He prays that his writings bless the hearts, minds, and souls of every reader and that each may be an act of worship to our Lord, Savior, Creator, and First Love, Jesus Christ. You can read his personal blog at

Saturday, August 24, 2013

ShootingTulips {review}

Hey, everyone!  Today I'm reviewing a shop called ShootingTulips.

This is everything that came in the package.

She even sent me a note.

(I'm just going to say it.  She probably has the best handwriting I've ever seen.  Really.)

I am so excited about this review.  I'm not old enough for concealed carry, but that's a day I've been looking forward to for so long.  I think it's important for every man, and woman, to be able to protect herself.

But this isn't only about concealed carry.  Hold on.  Let me get you a picture.

There's the pocket.  You can hold more than just a gun.  You can hold different things, if they're light enough, and can hide them from everyone.

Now, about this item.

I looked around, but couldn't figure out what these were for.  So I looked it up in her shop, and apparently they come with the holster for if you want to buy the Lace Garter Belt for extra support (if you want to carry heavier guns.)

I put this on, and it felt kind of strange.  I tried walking, and it started sliding down.  So I pulled it up and found out I hadn't had it high enough.  I would show you a picture, but I felt it wasn't appropriate to show a picture of that part of my leg.

I wore it for a day, walking around in it.  It didn't take long for me to get used to wearing it, until I almost forgot it was on me.  It started to feel like it was coming down a couple times, but I pulled it up every couple hours and it was fine.

Altogether, I really like this item.  It's very hard to find good concealed carry holsters, especially for women.  ShootingTulips sells several different types of holsters.  The one I got is good for wearing under dresses and skirts, but if you'd rather have one under your shirt you can get a Concealed Carry Corset.  They also have one you can clip onto your bra.

They focus mostly on the concealed carry holsters, but they also sell lip balms and paintings.  ShootingTulips is an amazing store, and if you want to get something from them you can find them here.

Thanks for reading!  I hope you liked it, and God bless your day!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Washi Tape Pencils {craft}

By now, pretty much everyone has either already started school or is about to. I graduated from High School a couple years ago, but still have classes every Monday as I work towards my Associates Degree in Bible Doctrines.

The Craft:
Wash Tape Pencils {three styles}
The Purpose:
A ridiculously easy way to brighten up or change the way your pencils look this year! I made several for myself and for friends of mine starting college this year.

The Materials:
Washi Tape - this can be bought just about anywhere that sells crafts/school supplies. I got mine from Office Max.

The Instructions:
 I found three different ways to tape up your pencils and decided to try all three to see what works best.
Style One:
silly me got working on the pencil and then realized I had forgotten to take pictures, so here's an "in progress" picture!
 This works if you have an actual picture, not just flowers or swirls, where it doesn't matter so much if you don't see the whole thing. You simply start at the top, wrap the washi around the pencil for a couple layers, cut or tear the washi off, then start wrapping again right below/slightly overlapping with the first row. Keep going until you reach the end of the pencil.
The Verdict: this wasn't too bad, but it took up a lot of tape and thrifty me prefers to use as little as possible to make the tape go further.

Style Two:
  This was my least favorite, though it did look cute once I finished. Basically, start at the top and keep wrapping, pulling the washi down to create a messier version of the style above.
The Verdict: washi tape isn't super durable, and so it kept ripping and wrinkling up on me. However, if you like a messy, distressed look, this would work!

Style Three:
 Unroll the washi until you have a piece the length of your pencil.
 Put your pencil in the middle of the strip of washi and carefully wrap the edges around it. The washi won't go all the way around,
 So repeat for the other side. If you can see the pencil through the washi, you might want to do a second layer.
The Verdict: The easiest style, displays the print very well, and uses as little tape as possible - perfect! This is definitely my favorite style and the one I'll personally use the most.

Quick note: like I mentioned above, washi tape isn't exactly the most durable sort of tape, so work carefully with it. When making my pencils, sometimes the tape would wrinkle up on me as I wrapped it around the pencil. Usually you can peel it back until you reach the wrinkle and smooth it out again.

Have fun!

Until later,

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Accessory Haul #3

Good afternoon everyone!
Today I have one last summer haul post for y'all, where I'll be featuring some truly exquisite jewelry pieces.
First off, we have two handcrafted bracelets from BevaStyles.
The first, and also my favorite of the two, is an aqua blue crackle agate statement bracelet.
Can I just say that this is an amazing piece? I kid you not, it is my favorite bracelet right now and has been ever since it arrived in the mail!
I absolutely adore the color scheme. Since turquoise is my favorite color, it was a no-brainer that my eye was first pulled to this piece above the others on the BevaStyles Etsy shop. (even though there were quite a few others that also caught my attention!)
The assorted gold chains really complement the large turquoise agate beads. The clasp is a spherical silver magnet, with little sparkly rhinestone-like jewels embedded. The magnetic clasp makes it very easy to put on this bracelet quickly and without fuss. Not to mention, it looks beautiful!
Overall, this is a unique, chic bracelet. It's big and chunky, and definitely a bold and boho statement piece.
I love it!
The ombre mixed metal multi chain bracelet  is also a fantastic accessory. It matches with literally anything, due the different assorted chains and neutral color scheme.
It features a large, clear glass bead as a focal point and also a large, vintage looking silver clasp.
I love the gypsy/bohemian look to this one as well. It is definitely adorable!
It's nice if you would rather not have all the sparkle and bling but still want a noticeable bracelet to add to your outfit.
Overall, it's another winner!
(I love how both bracelets hang on my wrist.)
And now for two pairs of stud earrings from Miss Mables Boutique!
The first, a pair of aqua post earrings.
These are just so cute! The color is brilliant, so bright and cheery. I love the silver rims paired with it, it matches quite well and both colors complement each other nicely.
They're very lightweight, and easy to wear. The only thing that I think could be improved is their backing, it's merely a tiny piece of rubber-ish material which could easily be lost.
Overall, these are adorable earrings! They're not too small, but not too big either, for studs.
Finally, last but not least, a pair of black sparkly post earrings .
These, like the turquoise studs above, are very cute! Obviously they're not nearly so bright and perky but they're definitely pretty and dramatic.
The black, sparkly middle piece is surrounded in coppery toned rims, and it's once again a nice combination of colors. The sparkles are a wide variety of hues, making these earrings capable of being worn with just about anything.
I have no complaints except as mentioned previously, with the backing, as it's the same with this pair as well as the other.
And the same notion for the overall verdict follows the same with these. They're lovely!
I included a shot of the packaging for both pairs of earrings because I thought it was cute. And did you notice the little paper/cardboard pieces the earrings were attached to? Isn't that just the cutest idea?
 Well, hope y'all enjoyed this haul. I certainly enjoyed getting review these items!
You would be advised to go check out BevaStyles and Miss Mables Boutique for yourself -  I guarantee, if you want classy, quality jewelry items you won't be disappointed! Both shops offer fun and unique things!

Monday, August 19, 2013


Well, guess what, ya'll? I'm off to another church activity- my last of the "summer" although people keep saying summer is over. It isn't for me, the homeschooler! :) Anyway, I wanted to leave you guys with a scripture. 

  But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. (Cor. 2:9)

 I'm expecting a wonderful blessing at our assembly, where church members from all over the world gather together to worship the Lord. What are some things I'll be doing?

 1. Praying! This is a big part of assembly, because to talk to God, we have to pray, right?

 2. Listening to speakers. God has given some very good messages to our speakers in the past, and I'm sure He will this year as well.

 3. Clerking. One morning of the assembly, I have to write down as the speaker talks. :)

 4. Working with the children. I love kids. And ever since I was twelve, I've worked with the children in Children's Assembly, where we take the kids during the afternoon session, for a little service of their own. I have experienced God's mighty power so many times with the children! And this year I had a little extra responsibility with writing all the devotion skits to be used before the message. Otherwise, I'll probably be working as an usher, escorting children to the restroom and back to their parents. :)

5. Fellowship!!! A lot of my friends come to assembly- some of which I don't see much otherwise. Sadly, a few won't be there this year, but I can't wait to see those who will! We'll talk, play volleyball, and possibly stay up a little late. I'll also get to see my sister, her husband, and their kids! WHOO!

6. My family and I will be singing.

7. Get a blessing! I love getting a blessing from the Lord, don't you?

 So that's what I'll be up to every morning, afternoon, and evening of the next week! My next post, I'll hopefully have an outfit post/review for ya'll! Have a wonderful week!

  God bless!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

MADMineralsMakeup {review}

Hey, everyone!  I know, it's been so long since I've posted.  But, here I am, and I'm doing a review of MADMineralsMakeup.

As you can see, it came in pretty pink tissue paper.

It's makeup.  MADMineralsMakeup sells eighteen different colors.  This is the color I got.

And these are samples she gave me.

You can put MADMineralsMakeup on your eyes, cheeks, body, nails . . . pretty much anywhere!  All of their products are FDA approved for cosmetic use, but some are not for lip use.  Look at the description below to find out if the item you want to buy is okay for using on lips.

I'm just going to copy the description of their store, just because they explain everything:

M*A*D Minerals is an internet-based, family owned company providing affordable, high quality, pure loose bare earth mineral makeup, cosmetic, & beauty supplies. Our mission is to combine high quality cosmetic products with excellent customer service! Our skin is the largest organ on our body. Many people do not consider that what is applied to the skin can be absorbed into the blood stream and then into other organs of the body. Many products on the market are mainly water (aqua) and chemicals with a few 'natural' or 'beneficial' ingredients thrown in so they can be promoted as ‘natural’ or 'beneficial' to your skin. Read any ingredient label & look at the first 3 to 4 ingredients listed in a product. Those first few ingredients listed make up approximately 90% to 95% of the entire product. The so-called ‘natural’ 'healthy' or 'beneficial' cosmetic ingredients are usually in the middle, if not the end of the ingredient list. Therefore, with such a small content, they will be of little benefit to the consumer. It is Not illegal (worldwide) to advertise cosmetic products as ‘natural’ even if they contain nasty chemicals. M*A*D Minerals is a chemical-free alternative makeup. By choosing M*A*D Minerals loose mineral makeup, you are assured the entire product is made of chemical-free ingredients.

 As you can see, MADMineralsMakeup offers completely natural mineral makeup.  I tried this on as blush, and it made my cheeks sparkly.  The blue color made it very sparkly and didn't really show the color, whereas it was easier to see the other colors.  That may be because I applied more for the other ones than for the blue, but I can't be sure.  Just make sure to pick the color that's right for you.

I, personally, think MADMineralsMakeup is a reliable store with natural products you can trust.  If you would like to buy one of their products you can find it here.

Thanks for reading!  I hope you guys liked the post!


Friday, August 16, 2013

Beautiful Things

I was planning on doing this as a Classy Garb post.  Obviously it’s not.  Actually I just got back from a wonderful week at church camp and felt the urge to share some of what I learned with all you classy ladies.
                 First of all let me say the week was a huge blessing.  How nice is it to just get away from the world and all it's temptations?  I don’t know about you, but that fact alone makes it the ideal time to renew and strengthen my walk with the Lord. To top it all off we are surrounded by the awesome creation of God. 

   Isn't it beautiful? 

                Since we were ‘roughing’ it by tent camping, packing in our own food (and some even tried to attempt catching dinner while fishing…they didn’t catch much), and basically ‘living off’ the land for the week our camp ‘theme’ was Finding God through His Creation.  Pretty good theme, huh? 

                Think about it.  When I’m surrounded by the world and its influences I tend to lose sight of God and become weary in my walk with Him.  Is it the same for you?  On the other hand when I’m in the middle of mountains, camped beside a stream, getting to wake up every morning to a meadow covered in flowers the first thought that comes to mind is “Wow, God is amazing.”

 The view in front of the tent I shared with two other girls. 

                Throughout the week we were constantly reminded of the awe inspiring wonders God made for us to enjoy.  In our lessons we let God “Rock Our World” by studying David and Goliath with the emphasis on the five stones.  With God’s help we can ‘topple’ our own giants, so we each found our own special stone to remind us that God is always there for us.  Each stone was different, just like each person, but God created and loves us all.   
                We also experienced the might and power of God through thunderstorms, lighting, hail, and rain.  Thankfully God protected us from flash flooding, although most of the tents and quiet and bit of bedding and clothing were soaked.  

Actually, it rained more than anything.

                But to me all the rain was worth it.  Seeing a thunderstorm like that in the mountains is a completely differed view than you get in the city or on the flatlands.  The clouds hang so low and the thunder echoes through the canyon.  
                Most important however, was the realization that God makes beautiful things, the flowers, the creek, the mountains, the stars that shine so bright in the clear mountain air.  But greatest of all is you.  You are a beautiful creation of God. 

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. ~ 2 Corinthians 5:17 

Well, I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I hope that sometime today you take the time to look at God through His creation. You never know what you might find.