Saturday, August 31, 2013

ThumbprintEmporia {review}

Hey!  Today I'm doing a review of *drumroll* . . . bug spray!

The shop I'm reviewing is called ThumbprintEmporia.

I know it's the end of summer right now, but the bugs won't be gone for a while and it's always nice to have bug spray, right?

So, I tried this out last weekend when I was on vacation up north.  It worked great when I put it on again after swimming.  But after a couple of hours it wouldn't work.  It frustrated me so much!  I was feeling awful about having to mention that in the blog.  But then I took a closer look at the instructions.

Apply liberally.  If only I had seen that before, I could have saved myself the few bites I got on my legs.

For pets you barely have to put any on them, they're fur holds it all so well.  Yesterday I sprayed this on and went outside.  It was a hundred degrees out, over here, so the bugs we're flying around like crazy.  I sprayed more on than last time, and when I got back - after several hours - I couldn't find a single bite.  I was so happy at how well it worked.  And anyone that walked  past me asked what was smelling so nice.  It was the cinnamon.  That was the easiest scent to smell.

has given our blog and their readers a 50% off coupon for their entire shop!  They got the code wrong on the paper, so it's actually BLOG1.  All you have to do is enter BLOG1 in the coupon code spot at checkout.

sells many items.  Masks, necklaces, coloring books, salves, insect repellent (of course,) cocoa or shea butter, massage oils, and more!  If you want to buy something, you can find it .  Please go ahead and check out their shop.  They would certainly appreciate it.

Thanks for reading!

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