Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tea-riffic Encouragement Card {craft}

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah Grace, and I am honored to be a contributor for A Pinch of Classy! A little bit about me - I am a 20 year old Christian, Homeschool Graduate, writer, nerd, big sister, and so much more. 

I will be bringing you all weekly posts featuring different crafts, easy to make fashion accessories, and even fun hair styles.

The Craft: “Tea-Riffic
” encouragement card.

The Purpose: A happy little homemade note card that you can send to a friend to brighten their day!

The Materials:
1 sheet of cardstock paper
1 tea bag (I used a round one, but you could play around with the picture you draw and use any shape)
Glue dots
Sharpie Marker
Someone to give the finished card to!

The Instructions:

First, take your piece of cardstock and cut it in half. I did this to make a card that would easily fit into an envelope, but if you wanted to make a bigger card you can skip this step. Once you’ve cut the paper (or not), fold it in half, classic card style.

Then you get the tea bag…

…and use the Sharpie Marker to transform it into a happy tea bag!

I used glue dots to attach the bag to the front of the card, so I am really not sure how it would turn out if you used regular glue. Frankly, glue dots are one of my favorite crafting supplies in the whole world so I am slightly partial to them.


Once you have attached the tea bag to the card, make a picture! I used yellow and orange crayons to make my tea bag into a sun:

Other ideas would be to add a stick figure body using the tea bag as the head, draw a mug around the bag, or turn it into the center of a flower.

Tell your friend to have a tea-riffic day, add a personal note on the inside, and voila!

This card is sure to bring a smile to any tea loving friends – you might even want to slip a tea bag inside the card that they can actually brew.

Have a tea-riffic week!

In Christ,


  1. I'm excited for your posts Hannah Grace!

  2. I love this idea Hannah! And I'm super excited to see all of your posts as well.