Monday, August 19, 2013


Well, guess what, ya'll? I'm off to another church activity- my last of the "summer" although people keep saying summer is over. It isn't for me, the homeschooler! :) Anyway, I wanted to leave you guys with a scripture. 

  But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. (Cor. 2:9)

 I'm expecting a wonderful blessing at our assembly, where church members from all over the world gather together to worship the Lord. What are some things I'll be doing?

 1. Praying! This is a big part of assembly, because to talk to God, we have to pray, right?

 2. Listening to speakers. God has given some very good messages to our speakers in the past, and I'm sure He will this year as well.

 3. Clerking. One morning of the assembly, I have to write down as the speaker talks. :)

 4. Working with the children. I love kids. And ever since I was twelve, I've worked with the children in Children's Assembly, where we take the kids during the afternoon session, for a little service of their own. I have experienced God's mighty power so many times with the children! And this year I had a little extra responsibility with writing all the devotion skits to be used before the message. Otherwise, I'll probably be working as an usher, escorting children to the restroom and back to their parents. :)

5. Fellowship!!! A lot of my friends come to assembly- some of which I don't see much otherwise. Sadly, a few won't be there this year, but I can't wait to see those who will! We'll talk, play volleyball, and possibly stay up a little late. I'll also get to see my sister, her husband, and their kids! WHOO!

6. My family and I will be singing.

7. Get a blessing! I love getting a blessing from the Lord, don't you?

 So that's what I'll be up to every morning, afternoon, and evening of the next week! My next post, I'll hopefully have an outfit post/review for ya'll! Have a wonderful week!

  God bless!

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