Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Accessory + Natural Beauty Haul!

Hola, mi amigas!
It's August! Can you believe we're already more than half-way into this year? School's about to start for a lot of kids, summer will soon be coming to a close, and time just seems to speed on faster and faster!
Well, to celebrate some of the awesome summer moments we've had so far, today I'm going to do a haul post - 3 different reviews all in one!
We'll start out with.....
This is a darling handmade accessory and perfect for summer. It's a metallic orange color. I don't usually wear a lot of orange but I have to say this is one I really like! It is a nice, bright summer-y hue and goes well with my hair color.
The design of the headband is very unique. It almost has a vintage feel to it.  The headband has an adjustable strap in the back, making it a comfortable one-size-fits-all. It stays put well in my hair, as I've already worn it numerous times, doing various different activities.
My new favorite thing to do with this hairband is to wear it with braids.
Overall, I love it! It's a very unique, chic piece and I enjoy wearing it as it's both practical and pretty.
 (Click the link above to go to the Etsy listing where you can get one of your own!)
Next up, a very charming vintage fish necklace from Iris Jane
Oh my goodness. This is such a cute piece! I have nothing bad to say about it. Nothing at all.
I simply adore the fish pendant. From the turquoise/gold color scheme to the little intricate details of the fish scales, tale and eyes, it's definitely a favorite piece. Once again, it's an accessory perfect for the summer months, or family vacation at the beach.
The chain is a gold color, and has it where you can adjust the length. I like wearing it semi-choker-esque, where the pendant just barely drops beneath my shoulder blades.
It's an eye-catching necklace and I love everything about it. The uniqueness of the fish pendant is the main draw for me since I like fresh, different-looking things.
Sadly since it's vintage I'm not sure where you could find one like it of your own, but you could check out the Iris Jane shop above anyway and maybe inquire about it if you were really interested.
Panacea's Sample Salve Trio Pack
Last but not least we have some awesome natural hair products from NightBlooming.
I first discovered NightBlooming by way of their fabulous hair sticks, but little did I know they also made some fab hair treatments and the like!
We'll start with the Panaceas Sample Salve Trio. Each of these salves above can be used on the tips of your hair to help strengthen the fibers and even help repair split ends and other damage.
I tried each of the three and didn't notice a very big difference between the three. You only use a very small amount each time, and it's always after you shower. I look forward to seeing long-term effects of using these salves! It looks like a promising concept.
I was also sent a Triple Moon Hair Annointing Oil , a beautiful handmade hairstick, and Moondust Herbal Dry Shampoo from NightBlooming.
To be honest, I'll admit I was a little skeptical of the hair oil in the beginning. For one thing, my hair is already VERY oily so I doubted this oil could really benefit me in any way.
I'm still testing it, so it's a work in progress so to speak. So far, I've been trying to follow the directions listed on the Etsy listing.
You rub a small amount into your scalp, an hour before showering. It is supposed to help strengthen the roots of your hair. (Of course, you wash it thoroughly when showering.)
I haven't been able to see any difference "before and after" using this, yet, but as I said I'm still testing it. It could be more of a long-term result for all I know. 
The hair stick was absolutely gorgeous. I really loved the colors - a bright, cheery blue base and mesmerizing transparent/milky blue fixture at the end. Very, very pretty. Also it's a good length - almost too short for my amount of hair to fit in, but it still worked. It came tucked primly in a felt case which I thought was a nice touch.
The Moondust herbal dry shampoo really interested me. I'm always curious to find out natural shampoo/conditioner alternatives.  However, the dry aspect of it doesn't thrill me too much. Mom tried it, and didn't really like that it was to be used in that way. She thought it was too messy.
I'm going to try it in more depth but so far I have to agree with her.
Thank you to these wonderful businesses for providing the products for today's haul/triple review.  
On a random note, next month I'm going to the Great Ozarks Mountain Shindig with my family for four days! I'm really, really, reallllllyyyy excited about it. I found out the other day that there will be a line dance on one evening, and that the dress code/suggested dress attire is semi-dressy/long dresses etc. I really would like to dress a bit more formally for it, but can't decide whether to go with a vintage/retro/'50s theme or a Western/country girl theme...eeek, help!
I've been looking for retro/50's style party dresses, but it seems like everything is either too expensive, not modest in some way or the waistline is incredibly small. Does anyone have any advice? 
Hope everyone is having a very blessed summer!
Note: I was provided these items from JoHanna Martinez, Iris Jane and NightBlooming in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed remain mine and mine alone.


  1. Oh my word. That headband is a adorable! I love it. :D

    Let me know how the hair strengthening stuff goes.

    That hairstick looks familiar. ;)

    What's your price range and size? I'll keep a look out. (Message me.)

    1. I know right? :D
      Will do...like I said it might be a while before anything noticeable happens. I don't know really.

      It reminded me of you. ;)

      (I will. Thank you!)

  2. I LOVE the headband!