Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Accessory Haul #2

Good afternoon, ladies!
Time for a second summer accessory haul. We have some fabulous items today!
Firstly, a pair of gorgeous hand crafted earrings from Maya & Ruhi.
The mail somehow got the package mixed up and the earrings came months later than originally anticipated, but it was actually alright because I was worried that they were lost somewhere and wouldn't come at all. So it was even nicer a  surprise to see the Maya & Ruhi package in the mail!
I just love these earrings. They're the largest hoops I currently have, and I don't think I've ever had a pair quite like them.
They're beautiful.
I love the size, it makes them very noticeable, and because they draw such attention I could wear nothing else jewelry wise and it would still look dressier/fancy. Very nice when one doesn't feel like donning a ton of accessories but still wants to look more put-together!
While I'm not typically fond of bronze/copper for jewelry, the color combination of these earrings is really quite perfect. The white beads match with just about anything, and offer a fresh pop of color, which, like I said, can go with basically my entire wardrobe.
Oh, and I like the boho look of these. I'm really into that kind of style, and so these definitely have me liking them in that aspect.
Want to see some other cute jewelry pieces similar to this? Check out Maya & Ruhi for yourself.
The prices are a bit high, but since it's handcrafted quality jewelry, and knowing the prices of beading materials these days, I think that's just a given. You get what you pay for!
Next up, a cute pair of vintage espadrilles from Kat's Cache .  
Unfortunately, they didn't fit *my* feet. But that's pretty typical, given the fact that my feet are HUGE. Seriously. When looking for a pair of winter boots earlier this year, the only thing that would work was a pair of size 13s. I just bought myself some new kicks the other day, and they're size 11s.
So yeah. That was disappointing, but I guess I was getting too hopeful.
 (what can you expect though when you've gone barefoot 99 percent of your life?)
They really are cute though. I love the little peep-toes and small wedge heels. If my feet were smaller I'd totally be wearing these everywhere. One disadvantage of being a country girl!
I think I'll give them to a friend with small feet.
Ah, and now, last but not least an adorable handcrafted charm necklace from A Charmed Life Designs.
Let me just say that I adore this piece.
I've been wearing it everywhere ever since it arrived, and that's not much of an exaggeration.
It's so light, feminine and dainty, and the little chain charms almost tinkle when they move.
The color scheme is beautiful. I love the silver/pearl/light blue combination. It's very classy and elegant.
And of course how can we forget the highlight of the necklace, the "Sing, Dance, Dream" pendant?
*happy sigh* I love that. It's very me, as I love to sing and dance... and of course dreaming just comes as second nature!
I'm not usually huge on super-girly looking jewelry pieces, but this is one I can honestly say that doesn't apply to. It's extremely girly and feminine but that's actually what makes it so perfect!
All in all this is a lovely necklace and I would highly suggest taking a peek at the A Charmed Life Designs shop further. There are loads of other pieces similar to this one, and in many different color schemes and styles! And it's all quality, handmade!
Well, that's it for today's haul!  Hope everyone is having a blessed week!
Note: I was provided these items in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed remain mine and mine alone, and I never employ flattery or falsehoods in my reviews.

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