Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Accessory Haul #3

Good afternoon everyone!
Today I have one last summer haul post for y'all, where I'll be featuring some truly exquisite jewelry pieces.
First off, we have two handcrafted bracelets from BevaStyles.
The first, and also my favorite of the two, is an aqua blue crackle agate statement bracelet.
Can I just say that this is an amazing piece? I kid you not, it is my favorite bracelet right now and has been ever since it arrived in the mail!
I absolutely adore the color scheme. Since turquoise is my favorite color, it was a no-brainer that my eye was first pulled to this piece above the others on the BevaStyles Etsy shop. (even though there were quite a few others that also caught my attention!)
The assorted gold chains really complement the large turquoise agate beads. The clasp is a spherical silver magnet, with little sparkly rhinestone-like jewels embedded. The magnetic clasp makes it very easy to put on this bracelet quickly and without fuss. Not to mention, it looks beautiful!
Overall, this is a unique, chic bracelet. It's big and chunky, and definitely a bold and boho statement piece.
I love it!
The ombre mixed metal multi chain bracelet  is also a fantastic accessory. It matches with literally anything, due the different assorted chains and neutral color scheme.
It features a large, clear glass bead as a focal point and also a large, vintage looking silver clasp.
I love the gypsy/bohemian look to this one as well. It is definitely adorable!
It's nice if you would rather not have all the sparkle and bling but still want a noticeable bracelet to add to your outfit.
Overall, it's another winner!
(I love how both bracelets hang on my wrist.)
And now for two pairs of stud earrings from Miss Mables Boutique!
The first, a pair of aqua post earrings.
These are just so cute! The color is brilliant, so bright and cheery. I love the silver rims paired with it, it matches quite well and both colors complement each other nicely.
They're very lightweight, and easy to wear. The only thing that I think could be improved is their backing, it's merely a tiny piece of rubber-ish material which could easily be lost.
Overall, these are adorable earrings! They're not too small, but not too big either, for studs.
Finally, last but not least, a pair of black sparkly post earrings .
These, like the turquoise studs above, are very cute! Obviously they're not nearly so bright and perky but they're definitely pretty and dramatic.
The black, sparkly middle piece is surrounded in coppery toned rims, and it's once again a nice combination of colors. The sparkles are a wide variety of hues, making these earrings capable of being worn with just about anything.
I have no complaints except as mentioned previously, with the backing, as it's the same with this pair as well as the other.
And the same notion for the overall verdict follows the same with these. They're lovely!
I included a shot of the packaging for both pairs of earrings because I thought it was cute. And did you notice the little paper/cardboard pieces the earrings were attached to? Isn't that just the cutest idea?
 Well, hope y'all enjoyed this haul. I certainly enjoyed getting review these items!
You would be advised to go check out BevaStyles and Miss Mables Boutique for yourself -  I guarantee, if you want classy, quality jewelry items you won't be disappointed! Both shops offer fun and unique things!

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