Saturday, August 12, 2017

Gypsy in a Field of Flowers

I call myself a hippie. 
 Yet so much of what I stand for is anti-hippie.

Some say I am more gypsy - yet I am not thief ;) I may be decent at pulling trickery, though ;p 

Or not. I don't know.

Anyways - fashion to express my spirit. 

Necklace: I made it :D
Sandals: Walmart
Headband: A gift
Shirt: Thrift
Skirt: Thrift (this is one of my favorite skirts. Wear it so much! It is 100% Hemp ;p)






These are things I like to express with my clothes. 

What sort of things do you try to state with your dress???

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Children of Our Future

Originally posted here

If we look at examples in the Bible, circumstances never stopped God's people from multiplying and becoming a mighty people. 

In slavery and captivity (Exodus 1:7-12).
 In foreign lands (Jeremiah 29:4-6).
 During famine (Genesis 47:27).

 The command was still the same: "Be fruitful and multiply," Genesis 1:28. 

 Why was this? 

 Could it be that our mindset of needing a perfect atmosphere for children be harmful? 

If the world is falling apart don't we need something to build it up? What we really need is to have MANY children so that they rise and do what a few of us can not - change the world.

I know many of my readers aren't even married yet, but never-the-less this is an important issue that each individual should be decided on before they get into a relationship. 

 Especially if you are a Christian. It is for the cause of Yeshua (Jesus) that we want to prosper and grow. And the most efficient way of doing so is following God's plan (if you marry) to have lots of children and train them up for Him.

We don't fix problems by killing our army. But by raising the "soldiers" we make what no other can - soldiers full of conviction, ideals, and character, people who can and will be what the future needs.

 We don't need a world empty of God-fearing "soldiers". Let the world kill off their own, but we, Christians, never! 

For we don't live in fear, but hope (Romans 8 and 2 Timothy 1:7). 

  Hope of a future that can and will be full of God's presence. 

To not have many children for fear of  the future is stupid. To hold back or kill our strength in a time of weakness is foolish.

What are your thoughts on this? Married or single, how do children affect your life?

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Character Over Clothes, Heart Over Body

Well - here we are back to me showing you what I wear.

Let me clarify something: I know nothing about "real fashion". I am not a model. I dress weird.

But I am seeking to dress in a way that glorifies God, respects society and people, and enhances who I am inside.

I should also add - the way we dress does not define our character, but can show glimpses of it.

But just as I change through out life, my dress changes. My dress isn't what changes me but is a mimic of that change.

Basically - don't judge someone for how they dress just as you don't judge a book by its cover. Yet - we all know that the cover does give an idea of what will be inside that book. And what we put on our bodies lets many know what may possibly be pouring from our heart and mind.

Paradox? Absolutely!

Dress to be who God wants you to be, remembering all the while that who God wants you to be isn't merely what you wear.

Character over clothes, heart over body.

God before man's desires.

This is one of my favorites of our horses. She is missing an eye, yet is one of our best riders.

My sister has weird ideas for what makes a good picture ;p I go with MOST of them ;) 

This entire outfit is hand-me-downs. Except the shoes - yard-sale ;)




What statement do you seek to say when you dress? What do you hope people see of your heart when observing you at a first glance?

Saturday, July 1, 2017

More Than Modest: Respect


I suppose I should apologize for my absence – or did any one notice? ;)

I haven't been able to do fashion. I'm sorta reevaluating EVERYTHING in life right now...the way I dress being one ;)

Needless to say, I tried to do a few fashion posts...but couldn't...stuck in a way.

I do think I am ready to share some of my thoughts though – they are still in turmoil inside...but a few may be coherent. Hopefully.

This is loosely related to my post More Than Modest.

I have come to a huge realization: most of the world is selfish. Past the way we act and speak, on to the way we dress. To each individual life and the world revolves 100% around “me” and the way they do things.

And I am no exception to this.

(Do you ever like to watch people and think, 'to them I am the stranger. To them something drastic is happening. Their life is all that matters – my problems would be petty to them.' It's a humbling thought.)

I am going to try and keep this post clothing focused...but as in many areas, my thoughts are directly and indirectly weaved around so many others. Life never unravels in one place – but the whole garment of existence has a way of catching flame suddenly all at once. Not only is it hard to put out the fire – but the damage isn't just a little bit of mending.

More like a complete remake – but there are still pieces worth salvaging??? and how we wear them.

Man, this isn't just some light issue...even amidst deeper, harder things. It still matters.

I've always believed that the way a girl dresses should express her femininity with humbleness, appropriateness, and respectfulness. I've always believed and still believe that those are the key elements of what make up modesty.

But...what do those qualities really mean? What do they look like? So many many have good points...some are just plain wrong - or are they?

What is perspective, what is truth?

And what is simply hypocrisy?

I look at so many women that dress like me (and way more conservative). Even though I understand their background I also can see deeper, past those clothes.

It seems so much of conservative modesty is really just a mask to hide a vulgar, feministic, selfish woman. No joy (or smiling). No beauty.

Shouldn't women be beautiful – aren't we after all the epitome of beauty, of God's creation?

And then I've seen that so much of conservative dress is completely a man-made belief – and we judge each other on our own self-made rules!

Where in the Bible does it say a dress must be full and ankle length? Or that we must dress against the modern culture?

Where in the Bible does it say, “Seek weirdness, flee fashion”?
It doesn't.

I still hold to my core beliefs in how to dress...but I am unsure how those ideas must be expressed through my clothing in ways that both honor God and man. In ways that show respect yet I can still express my personality.

I'm not saying modesty is bad...but it most certainly is being abused.

Dress appropriately, yes – but we don't need to hide the fact we are women and have a shape.

Women are not offensive.

We are beautiful.

Conservatism modesty (hide under layers and layers of polyester – sweat out your faith) doesn't help women be true women.

And neither does the porn industry or Holly Wood (starve yourself to get your bones to pop, then give away your skin for free in clothing that is very worthy of being labeled poverty rags. Show all men what you have – and hide next to nothing) inspire feeling in women of being something more than an object for men.

These two extremes scream at all of us young girls.

How are we supposed to know what to do? Feel good about ourselves?

Balance is a foreign concept – we only know the two wrongs.

Be holy and “save” our entirety for a potential husband (who may not notice us because he's enthralled in the cheap alternative that is too accessible).

In frustrations so many of us throw away the embrace almost nothing. Trying to say, “I am just as beautiful...”

Of course there is still the chance he will only see what you are showing instead of who you are...and even then what you have may not be enough...

Starvation...fashionable doesn't work.


But why not???

The problem is way bigger than the way we dress, first off…but that is another matter entirely.

Dressing to please anyone but God will lead you only to darkness – there will always be someone to find fault.

We must recognize the hypocrisy. But we don't run away from it toward sin.

We embrace the truth of what was said – and “fix it up” instead of covering the truth in lies.

We are women, and must dress accordingly despite what the two extremes tell us.

I am wanting to learn how to respect God and man and myself by not becoming an object – whether an object that hides behind layers or an object that exposes her skin for men to lust after. Who is with me???

I'm still not sure what this looks like. I'm still not sure on a lot of things.

But it is starting to fit together...slowly.

I do not need to be ashamed or hide my body. And I do not need to prove this by embracing the opposite end of the stick – I can still be me, be free in the fact that I am me with out being ashamed of not conforming to one or the other.

True femininity starts with those modesty qualities being instilled in our hearts through Jesus (Yeshua). And once it is we should be able to better express that true modesty in the way we dress.

Many will still judge and hate.

But modesty (fashion) isn't about receiving approval. It's about so much more – such as what is right.

This is an old picture - but I love it because it was a time from my life when I was happy for no reason. When I had every right to be depressed - I was content. The feelings in this picture - this should be our fashion statement. 

Tell me, girls – what does your journey toward respectful dress look like?

We are all in this together, after all. Every movie, every magazine, every garment that is made – it honors or offends each of us personally. And affects all of us together.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Art of Keeping a Journal

All the diaries I've completed.
There's something about my journaling. It's the sign of the end of my day. Even when I'm tired, I cant rest until I've got my thoughts, joys and frustrations out in my diary. And once I do, I sleep so good.
I've always written.
For as long as I can remember I loved to write stories. I always believed I would someday be published, but after I died. When I was little I knew that someday someone would find my stuff and then publish it. For some reason I never considered the option of actually publishing it myself.
I loved to read about other authors (most of which are dead.) I thought it sad that we knew little some of them. Because of that I decided I would make sure people could find enough about me, for after I was dead, so they could have a nice sized biography on me.
Thus when I was 11 I started journaling every day. In fact, since then, I've only missed 4-5 days and I have 25 journals filled.
Though it started out as a way others could write my biography, it has turned into something much more than that. It has become a part of my life.
Journaling has developed me. Its helped me work through my thoughts. It has been a therapy of sorts. It has helped me improve on my writing skills. In fact I once read that every successful author should journal. It forces them to write every day, which develops your writing habits, voice and technique.
It can also be fun. Sometimes it's so fun to pick a random day, and read the entry for each of those days to when I first started journaling. A lot of times you will see how something that was going on has some sort of impact on this exact same day, a year or even years later.
So, why journal?
It's relieving, relaxing, encouraging (for when you look back at previous entries), and builds personality and perseverance.
But I believe you should do it because you want to. Find reasons of why you want to, so that when you commit to doing it, you'll have something worth committing to.
1.Make a commitment.
2. Keep that commitment.
When I first decided to start writing in a journal every day, that's all I diddecide to write every day. I didn't stress out how much or when.
Eventually it became a habit to do it every night right before going to bed, but I used to do it in the morning, and even in the afternoon.
But remember – there's always exceptions. There will be days when you just CAN'T write. Just get back to it the next day.
So, the answer is just keep at it, and don't stress out over it. Nothing is fun when you are worrying about it.
What ever you feel like.
Some days I do no more than one or two sentences. Other days I write ten pages.
Normally I do two to three paragraphs.
Also, because I sometimes use my journal to work through thoughts or things, I don't let anyone read them.
My writing may be sloppy at times, and words misspelled, because I don't want it to be readable to anyone but myself. Not that I purposely misspell or write sloppy. I just don't make that a priority.
The reason I'm saying this, is some people feel they can't journal for fear of making so many mistakes. But the mistakes don't matter and shouldn't stop you from writing. It's just write it, and don't think about it.
And it can even be quite interesting when you look over your journal to see your writing grow. My penmanship and spelling has improved greatly just through journaling on a daily basis.
Also, one year I did a whole journal and a half in a code I'd made up, so no-one could read it. :D That was an interesting time. But I soon quit it after one of my aunt's talked to me and said it wasn't wise, because the code might be forgotten.


I think most people, when journaling, aim for something along the lines of a Dear America book. Something that has plot and meaning and action. A story. A novel of your own life.

But most end up with something like this;
Dear Diary,
Today I got up. Then I scrubbed the kitchen floor. After that I read all afternoon. That's all. Goodnight.
When it comes to journaling I believe that most people give it up because they don't know what to write about. Life just isn’t a novel. Its every day stuff – mostly boring stuff, too.
Journaling isn't about how you do it or even what you are are writing. Journaling is about why you are doing it.
Everyone has a different personality and will journal differently. Some will even use different methods of journaling. Here are some interesting ways of journaling that I think are neat and worthy of mentioning.

Journaling in now a habit a for me. So its sort of hard to break down just why I do it.
But I can give an example of how I do it, to explain why I do it :)
I will write down only the important or interesting facts of the day. If I work, sometimes I'll record my hours or what a work day was like. This has come in handy more than once when we needed to remember something.
Sometimes the things I write wont be stuff I did, but things I said or thought, or conversations I had or overheard. I don't have very many dreams, or at least I don't remember most of them. But when I do, I will also write these down.

I never address the journal to anyone – that just feels very cheesy to me. But I do date it, and if the day is something special, like Sabbath or a birthday, I'll write that on the first line.

I believe I just said that addressing the journal to someone was cheesy. But that isn't true for everyone. During this time in Anne's life she needed a friend.
Her journal, Kitty, became that.
And that's one of the beautiful things about Anne Frank's Diary. It was her own thing, something she could use to get her thoughts through such a difficult time. It wasn't about the war, or her life, or her 
family. It was what she needed to get out.


1. Prayer journals.
I've just recently heard of these. If you are going through a rough time, Spiritually, some people will write out prayers to God. Then when payers are answered it's very encouraging to be able to look back through your prayers.

2. Letters to friends.
I sort of did this once.
I took a notebook and started writing letters to someone. I kept writing letters to that girl, but never showed her the letters.
It can make the journaling feel more personal when you address each entry to a real or imaginary friend.

3. Journaling with Word Doc
Some people prefer to type.
I feel that writing everything out by hand is more satisfying and real, but this just doesn't work for some.

4. Scraps of paper
I would not recommend this method to anyone, but it is something people do.
Its not at all organized. LOL. :)
But you can keep your notes in a bag or jar.

5. Novel form
This is when you journal, but everything you write you make up to cope with whatever you are going through. These will be very unrealistic and emotional, maybe in full of weird thoughts.

6. Calendars
Just fill in the highlights of your day at the end of each day.

7. Prose or poems
When you express whatever is on your heart through poetry. I've sort of done this. For a while I had a special notebook that I would write in almost every day, whatever was by poems.
My current journal.

Only journal if you want to.
And if you don't want to, then don't! Keeping a diary is only for those that want to do it, that have a decided commitment and keep that commitment. It's for those that feel like writing – though not all journalists will enjoy writing.

But, let me say this. Once you start keeping a journal and make it a habit, you won't regret it, but look forward to it! So, yes, I recommend keeping a journal to everyone, especially authors.

What will you do? Is this something for you? Share why or why not in the comments! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. If you do journal, feel free to share what you think about this art.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Lotsa Shades of Brown

Sometimes I like brown. And other times I absolutely love it.

Which may surprise those of you that know how much I love color.

But there is something about brown that is just nice... unique in that it isn't white or black or grey. Still classy, pretty, and fun.

And deep and rich - almost like the back bone of color :D

I'm pretty sure everything I'm wearing was thrifted except for my necklace which I made. ;p 

What sort of neutral colors do you all like to wear? Do you use this color of yours as a complimentary, or wear it often on its own?

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Etiquette of Arguing

One of my great weaknesses is arguing. 

Sometimes I can hold my tongue. But a lot of the time... It's just that when people say such "stupid, false" things or when people or ideas are "unfairly mistreated" I MUST stand up for them. 

 And sometimes I just look for something to argue/discuss about. :D It's just so fun. :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So, yeah. It has gotten me in trouble, but I've learned for the most part that I feel better if I speak my mind and what I believe is the truth and I can even have fun if I do it right :D 

 I have done a lot of arguing with friends ;) 

 And normally it's more of a sport than a fight. Like anything, stuff CAN get nasty. Thinking about it recently, I realized that when I do argue, my friends and I follow certain unspoken rules. 

 I'm calling these the "Etiquette Rules of Arguing." 

  1. It's ok to argue :D Get excited, get into it! 

 2. Speak your mind. 

 3. Never use insults in the place of logic. Never call names. 

 4. Listen to what the other has to say. 

 5. Be prepared to stand up for what you believe in and be ready to defend it. 

 6. Be ready to give in if you are wrong. 

 7. Dignity is ok, but don't be stuck-up or prideful. 

 8. Compliment the other person if they say something clever. 

 9. Laugh, but don't do it in a condescending way. Sarcasm is ok as long as you aren't making fun of the person. 

 10. Remember, you are arguing ideas, not each other. Don't take offense and don't offend. 

 11. Follow the Golden rule :) What comes around DOES go around when arguing. 

One thing that does not help when arguing is pride. Everyone has it to a degree, but sometimes I think no-one has as much of it as my family does. I mean with a last name like Lamb, who wouldn't? ;) 

 It's like we (my extended family, mostly) think we are the chosen people, God's lambs, so we are right in everything. 

 But something my brother said the other day was really good. "As Lambs we aren't suppose to be the Shepherd, but followers of Yahweh." 

 Matthew 23:8 "But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren." 

 Arguing can become a very tricky art. If you aren't careful you will make enemies. It is always important that you give in sometimes and make the other person feel good. 

 Let go of your pride if it's standing in the way - of course we should have just enough guts to hold on to what is TRULY right, but never allow ourselves to become self-righteous by it. 

 Arguing IS NOT about putting yourself above others. It's about getting to know others in a fun way :).

Since I first published this I have discovered that I feel less and less the desire to have a good "argument." And that I more like to debate than argue. And that most people aren't worth arguing with... it's just a waste of breath most of them time. And that most people offend easily (something we really shouldn't strive to do).

But occasionally I do still like to have a good debate.

And I still like to follow by these rules. 

Do you enjoy battles of the wit? If so, do you have anything to share on how you go about debating/ arguing with civility? 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Nancy Drew Goes to Church

My sister has started acquiring quite the eye for unique outfits.

I really love this one! It reminded me so much of something one might have worn during Nancy Drew's time - the dress at least.

She wore this to church just a couple weeks back. Perfect combination of dressed-up, comfortable, and flattering :) 

Our dog is impressed with her dress, too. ;p

Everything she is wearing is hand-me-downs or thrifted.

The shoes are something she was super excited to find as they remind of a mixture of Jewish and Native American.

Don't you all just love the dress? Not only does it look great on Jerushah, it was comfortable and the material was a nice, soft cotton. Oh, and it's almost spring!!! Isn't that wonderful? Have a great weekend y'all!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Totally Untalented

Originally posted here.

A while back some friends and I were laughing and talking. 

I can't remember exactly how we got on the subject (it seems we were throwing out crazy plot twists), but however it happened I said something like "What if you wrote this story and the main character had no talents whatsoever and..." 

 One of the guys said, "That isn't right. When God created us he gave us all gifts and talents and places in life. No-one is created with out a purpose." 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Normally I defend what I say, but this time what he said hit me as true. What I had said was VERY unbiblical. When I write I try to make all my stories at least follow certain biblical principles even if my stories aren't necessarily "Christian" genre. 

 Needless to say, that story idea was trashed :). Yet what I had said many would consider true. Just look about you. There are many, many people that appear to have nothing, do nothing, know nothing. They are "ugly", "untalented" and no fun to be around. 

Normally their dress style doesn't help, nor half of the weird things they say or do or the way they act. These people we class as "untalented" (a word that shouldn't even exist).

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Maybe you are one of those "untalented" people. You can't find anything special about yourself, you are good at nothing. 

 Well, let me tell you now that your idea about yourself is false. 

 Yes, there are many seemingly untalented people, because like it or not, no one is born perfect. Even those of us who were lucky enough to have someone help us develop our talents would be nothing if it weren't for trying. 

 And practice. Lots of it. In order to have talents I have learned you must CHOOSE to DEVELOP them. But how do you discover YOUR true talents and destiny in life? How can you be YOU and have others like you at the same time? 

  Sad Fact: First off you need to accept that everyone won't like you. You need to be happy anyways and just be you. Living to please others will only bring many disappointments in your life, because you will ALWAYS displease someone. (Not saying you should live carelessly or purposely displease others. Just don't make it your priority to be someone else's puppet.) 

  I believe the very first step to finding true happiness with ourselves is found in this verse, Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths" 

 In order to believe and really accept that we ARE created for a purpose and DO have talents and gifts we first must accept the One that made us and gave us those gifts in the first place. Believe in Yeshua (Jesus), accept him as your savior, and let your old ways be no more than the past - over. 

Including the thoughts that you have no talents. 

 For now you are a new creation in Him. 2 Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." 

 After that here are some suggestions for discovering your own talents. 

  1. Believe that you were created for a reason - that you aren't some freak accident. This is one of the Devil's biggest lies. If he can make you not feel special then you will automatically believe that no one cares for you which then leads you to believing that Yeshua ( Jesus ) did NOT die for YOU. To believe this is thinking that you are worse than EVERYONE. Which is not true. Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
2. Accept that God made you special and that you have a purpose in life. Self-worth and self-dignity are important as long as we don't let them turn into self-righteousness or self-pride. 

  3. What do you most enjoy doing? These are the natural desires given to us by God. Make a list of what you like doing. Remember these may only be desires. You may have already wasted much time by thinking you were untalented that you never spent much time cultivating your gifts.

 Just because you have a gift for something doesn't mean you'll be just awesome at it. God only gave you the desire and the gift. You must make it grow by using it and working with it. 

Perfect it with practice. 
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And talents can be anything from big stuff to little stuff. Singing, acting and other things that make you famous aren't the only talents out there. :)

 In fact these things can distract us from our real talents by making us think that those are the only talents out there. 

 True talent isn't becoming popular, but being passionate about what you do because you love it and letting that gift make you a better person.

  4. You don't know what you like doing? Or what your natural gifts are? Most likely somebody (that is a good influence in your life) will have noticed your talents peeking through. Take advice from others to see what you are good at. 

  5. Apply your talents to practical every day things. And be unique, be you. Just because your talent may be working with kids doesn't mean you have to become a teacher or social worker or children's missionary. Look at ALL the options and pick the one that best suits your unique personality. Don't go for the norm or what everyone else does. Don't do things to please others. Do all for the glory of Yahweh. 

 1 Corinthians 10:31 "Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God." and Colossians 3:17 

  6. Let your talents and personality intertwine. 

Be unique. 

Be respectful. 

Use dignity.  

Just as there isn't a truly untalented person there is not an ugly nor undesirable person. It's all in how you act and dress and talk and be you. Embrace what God wants for you, and your attitude (and yes, even style) will change to make you a greater person for Yahweh.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
So, what are your talents? Share in the comments :).