Saturday, November 4, 2017


At our local fair this last summer, one of my good friends did some henna for me... I was pretty excited about it.

And enjoyed it while it lasted - as I clean houses, plus didn't take care of it like I should, it lasted almost a week.

Jerushah thought this was a weird picture - but I loved it just for that reason. 

Still very new ;p 

Setting in :) 

You really can't see it.. but still an earthy picture :D 

Let's be green!!!!

Classy - yet not? Kinda trying to figure this style out ;p
And this is a blouse I knitted last year. Haven't worn it much, but really love it. 

Henna is darker :) 

Selfie with my photographer (sister). I think I was singing, even though it looks like I'm crazy.

Favorite watch of mine - have had it for years, but it's been broken awhile. Finally fixed it - thought it looked nice with the henna.

I like this picture, because I think I look like my Aunt Mary (a little). 

Outfit #1: 
Shirt - Ross's

Outfit #2:
Skirt - some dollar store ;p
Necklace - I made it 

Outfit #3:
Lace blouse - I made it

Everything else was thrifted :D 

I really enjoyed the henna - it was pretty and unique and classy. And didn't last forever - why I would never get a tattoo. I know how finicky the human mind is. And doing something that drastic that's permanent and trivial to our bodies just seems foolish to me.

But I do enjoy art :D 

What do you think of henna? 


  1. I really want to get a henna tattoo! They seem really fun. ^ ^ I've just gotten spray-on before.

    1. They are really fun :D You'll have to let me know what you get when you get one ;)