Saturday, December 9, 2017

Colorful Skirts That Dance

Hello! I just love full, brightly colored skirts. I love unique, I love color, I love soft fabrics that fly and dance about.

And sometimes I like matching them with crazy shirts ;)

I grew up knowing stripes and patterns DON'T go together. 
But every now and then I like to rebel against the rules ;) 

Because it was almost as funny as embarrassing... 

My new facebook profile :) 

This following skirt has been a favorite of mine for years. But it was time to say goodbye... the pull string at the waist broke, and it was covered in holes. 

I had to hold it up for these pictures... it was trying to fall down the whole time ;p 

Anyways... we had to get "last pictures" with this skirt before I finally had to throw it away. 

It looks like I'm holding my stomach... I'm really keeping the skirt up. ;D 

My little sister wanted to get in on the photography... she has a weird sense of humor. Like me :D 

Everything in these pictures was thrifted. The first skirt is actually a vintage skirt I found at a small thrift store in Washington spring of 2017. I was beyond thrilled :D

I just realized... I'm wearing the same necklace with both outfits. A lady I clean for gave it to me after I house-sat for her for a couple weeks. The cross is made from the Red Wood trees of California.

Shoes: Yeah, bare feet are the best... for pictures especially.

Do you ever love to wear full, crazy skirts? What is your opinion of stripes+patterns? Have you found any neat thrift stores finds recently? 


  1. I LOVE long and flowy skirts too, ESPECIALLY FROM THRIFT STORES.

    Heehee, my mom instilled in me that stripes and flowers didn't go together, but there was this one outfit that she couldn't break me of - a hot pink and white stripe polo paired with a purple calico skirt. In my view of the matter, the colors matched so why not???


    1. My mom instilled the same belief into me... and I go by it mostly... but ya know, fashion is changing? Especially with the new boutique clothes they are doing :)