Friday, August 30, 2013

Pretty Patterns {Classy Garb}

Okay, so personally I find my denim skirts tend to fade quickly.  I also tend to get annoyed and the thwapping (that’s seriously what it sounds like, right?) noise that most all of my long jean skirts make.  Meaning if I wear denim its going to be either jeans or capris. But I LOVE my skirts. They’re so comfy and feminine, not to mention modest (as long as they’re long of course).
So, not really caring for denim skirts caused a bit of a predicament, until I started finding long skirts made out of different materials. I love the pops of color and fun prints they can add to an outfit, which is why I’ve taken pictures of four of my favorite ‘patterned’ outfits to share with you today. 

Greens and Blues

Okay first I want to say this is my favorite skirt ever. The poor thing gets worn at least twice a week.  All the colors and patters makes it so easy to mix with different shirts and styles. Plus it looks really cool when you walk because of the layers. It reminds me of waves on the ocean because it’s a sort of rippling effect. Actually, the whole shirt reminds me of the ocean with all the varying shades of greens and blues.

One of my favorite shirts to wear with it as you can see has horses on it. I'm not big on mixing patterns, but the colors and hues go too well not to pair them. The sandals add to the western feel of the shirt with their faux turquoise accents, which are rather hard to see because of the skirt. -sigh-

Skirt: Coldwater Creek (who said the store was for grandmas?!) 
Shirt: Roper’s (last time I checked they had it on their online store) 
Shoes: JC Penny’s (I got them on the summer clearance sell for $5!)  

Paisley Hues

This skirt is my second favorite. The pattern is fun, but conservative which makes it my top go-to dress for church. Usually I wear it with a matching blue shirt, but my kitten tore a hole in it and the things still sitting on my sewing table waiting to get stitched up. 
Also sorry there's not another picture. My sister and I were in a bit of a rush so she snapped this picture and we left. Hence my awkward posing. 

Skirt: CATO’s 
Shirt: Walmart (because I can’t seem to keep white shirts clean for long, so I don’t like paying for expensive ones) 
Shoes: Payless 

Burst of Blue:

I will admit that when a friend first gave me this skirt I thought the pattern might be to much. After awhile it grew on me though. It’s perfect for the 4th of July because the pattern reminds me a little bit like fireworks. The material is also sort of like a t-shirt (but it's not just cotton) so it's perfect for the summer when things are hot and humid. The length also makes it nice for warm weather because its higher part of my shin, but still covers my knees. Which is a must because with this Texas wind (which I think the devil uses sometimes) will try to blow your skirt up, but that can't happen when its long (take that devil)!

Okay so awkward shoe picture, but at least you can see them. The bows are so sweet and the heel is perfect size for me because I'm a bit accident prone.

Skirt: Not sure. It doesn’t have a tag. 
Shirt: Walmart (like I said white is not white with me) 
Shoes: Payless 

Mint for You

(By the why this is my Narnia light-post, just so you know) 

Definitely one of my outfits with a more vintage feel. It’s perfect for anytime of the year. In the spring it looks great with a cardigan and short sleeve. For the summer it’s light and airy. When fall comes I can layer it with sweaters. And when the snow is piling up I can slip on a pair of black boots and a warm jacket.

Ah, the shoes! They're what makes the whole outfit, right? These would have to be my favorite shoes in my closet though. The kitten heels are darling and they're just perfected with the lace and bows.

Here's a close up of the pattern since it's too small to see in the other pictures.

Skirt: Homemade (I think it was even a homemade pattern.)
Shirt: New York and Company. (A little low-cut, but a camisole fixes it) 
Shoes: Payless (and once again these are my favorite shoes ever) 

Well that’s it. Please ignore my awkwardness in photos. I like snapping them not being in them. Hope you enjoyed and God bless!


  1. Love the mint outfit! Overall, great post, Sierra. :)

  2. I love your skirts! I could do a ton of outfits with my skirts... although I do love my blue jean skirts for every day casual wear. And I love your Narnia light post. :P