Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Forgotten {Product Review}

Hello, everyone! 

Last week, The Forgotten contacted A Pinch of Classy about doing a review of one of their products.  I couldn't wait, because it's so much fun to do reviews, so I said yes.

So, The Forgotten sent me a pair of great overalls.  They came in the mail a day or two after I asked for them.  Fast shipping!

Now, I loved how these fit.  They're such a great product for women.

In the picture above you can see how the buttons close in, and flatter your figure.

The pocket in the front is great for carrying things, if you're going to be using the overalls for work purposes, and the clips clip fairly easily.

If you're a little short, like me, then the overalls will work perfectly is you just fold up the hem of the legs.  It also makes it look really stylish.

Side view.

I want to thank The Forgotten for sending me this product to review.  If you want to check out their site, you can find it here
They have many different products, and 100% of this months proceeds go to Charity: Water.  It would be great if you wanted to help out by buying something, or giving a direct donation.

It's a great product, and I hope you liked the post!