Friday, May 17, 2013

Interview With My Dad!

When women do not guard themselves with their modesty, they not only effect their conscience and character, but the hearts, minds, and character of those around them....especially men. As Christian girls we must train ourselves to be considerate of our brothers in Christ, and also those men who are not followers of Jesus, by dressing in ways that will not lead them astray. In our walk to try to be modest in both our actions and dress, sometimes we may not realize that even when we think we are being modest, the other people around us may not think the same thing, especially our brothers in Christ. Since we can not truly rely upon our personal opinion of modesty only, there is no better way to find out what the people around might be thinking than to ask them... and in this case we would ask the men. I chose to ask my Dad. 
 Many times, I find that I don’t even need to ask about my attire to find out....usually all I have to do is walk out of the closet and if I see Dad...or any of my family members for that matter, raise their eyebrows and give me a look, then I realize that I need to reconsider what I am wearing. Most of the time it is not easy to reconsider and change what you have decided to wear.  In a matter of a month I have had to get rid of three skirts due to the fact that they are suddenly too tight on me. It was not an easy choice, especially since one of the skirts was my favorite. 
I asked my Dad to do this interview on modesty with me so I could post is thoughts. The questions were a little uncomfortable, but he answered truthfully. The greatest thing about doing this with your Dad is that dads are so funny! I love his “Words of wisdom” to us girls! Here are the questions I asked and his replies: 
 Q. What parts of the body, when women do not dress modestly, draws the most attention to men? 

A. Depends if they are walking away from you or walking toward you. From the front, Chest. From the back, Bottom.

Q. What things can women do to be more modest in those areas that you mentioned above? 

A. “No tight clothing....more fabric. Wear a garbage bag and burqa. (Ha! Ha!) Low cut tops or high cut shorts are not modest.”

Q. What ways do women behave that draws unnecessary attention to themselves? 

A. “Wow...I would say course joking; Bouncing around; improper body movements. Asking personal questions to get to know a boy more intimately than they should.”

Q. What words of wisdom do you have for girls trying to practice being more modest?

  1. “Be yourself....just be careful what yourself is!” (Just had to add this!! So funny!!!)  “Don’t be trying to impress the other person, this shows a spirit of a lack of contentment with who God made you to be and lack of trust that God will bring the right man around at the right time.”

Thank you Dad for doing this interview! I hope this is a help to some of y’all girls to see what kind of ways we can all improve on being modest. I know this has been a great help to me. What really stood out to me was how we behave....I have a hard time controlling my tongue so the part about course joking really made me think, and be ashamed of myself for the times when I have said things that were not modest. I would love to hear if any of you found this helpful or if anything stood out to y’all from this post. Let us continue on in being good examples to our brothers and sisters in Christ and keep a pure conscience and godly character! 

P.S. Sorry this was sort of late! Also, I fixed the pictures on my Modest Solutions for Tube Top Dresses post, so if you wanted to see them you can stop by and they'll be there waiting and ready! 


  1. Great post! I love the idea of asking your dad for advice...I do this sometimes too when I'm slightly concerned that something might be kind of iffy/not suitable to wear.