Saturday, May 25, 2013

DansLeBasDuFleuve {Product Review}

Hey, everyone!

On the twentieth I got an item to review, and I was so excited when I saw the package!  Everyone loves getting things in the mail, and this one I was especially excited about.  The review came from the Etsy shop, DansLeBasDuFleuve.
My silk nightgown!
Yup, as the caption below the picture says, I got a silk nightgown.  ^_^  I was so excited.  I love silk anything!
I opened the package, and found it all wrapped in ribbon, in pink tissue paper, in bubble wrap (gotta love the bubble wrap.)  I also found a little bag, with two other items in it.
A beautiful blue, leafy brooch!
 I love this brooch.  I'm a big fan of leafy patterns.

And a teeny, little perfume bottle!
I love teeny bottles!  I didn't know how much I loved teeny bottles until I got this!

And, now for the critiques.
This nightgown feels amazing.  You have no idea how nice it is to sleep in silk.  But there are a couple of things I would like to point out.
Number one: It's see-through.  Yeah.  In that picture, I have on white leggings and a chemise.  If you get something that's see-through, like these, you have to wear things underneath to stay modest.
Number two: It's short, on me, at least.  That is entirely my fault, because I didn't check the size like I should have, but it goes just above my knee.  So, that's another reason I'm wearing white leggings.
Another good thing I have to say about this:
Lace hemming.
The lace on this nightgown just tops it off.  It accents the pink, and makes it look cute.
One thing I have to say about this brooch: your style has to be the kind of style that can wear bigger jewelry to wear something like this.  If you're the kind of person he wears small heart necklaces or little stud earrings, this probably wouldn't be the type of jewelry you would wear.  But if you're the kind of person he wears larger jewelry, I would definitely suggest this.
Okay.  One thing.  I have never had a teeny perfume bottle.  Ever.  This is amazing.  Now, I can tell you this: I am not a perfume expert.  Anyone who knows me knows I'm not really the perfume type person.  But, in my opinion, this smells pretty good.  Plus, it's in a teeny bottle!

All these items came from DansLeBasDuFleuve.  They sell a lot of vintage and upcycled items, so please go and check them out!  If you want to see their items, you can find their shop here.  Thank you for reading!  I hope you liked the post!


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