Tuesday, May 21, 2013

SecretCityHandmade Headbands {review}

So, a while back I received a package from SecretCityHandmade,  a lovely shop on Etsy.
This shop first caught my eye with their adorable winter hats - they had this super cute turquoise/green one which was featured on the Etsy homepage. But, as I checked around the rest of the shop, and noticed the gorgeous headbands; when contacted further about the review I thought a post on these might be better, since it's summer and generally people don't wear knitted hats during this season!
SCH generously sent me two different bands to review - and each is equally delightful, in my opinion.
Each came in a separate paper bag. Included in the package, a handwritten note from Gwenivere, the shop's owner and crafter. I know I've said this before at some point or another, but I adore hand-written notes and letters - don't you?

Here is the Sparkle Sahara Gold headband. (Click the link to see where you can get one of your own!
I'm not a girly-girl or a HUGE fan of sparkles, but I do like a moderate degree of blingy for jewelry and hair accessories. This headband is SUPER sparkly/glittery. It reminds me of Hollywood somehow actually...bright, city lights mainly!  Yeah I know, that sounds random. 
The photos do not do this headband justice for showing the sparklies. Even Gwenivere's original photos don't. So, if you get one of these, expect EXTREME glitter/sparkle.
I like this headband a lot. I feel classy wearing it, and it adds a little jazz to even a simple outfit/hairstyle.
Now. This headband.
The Brown Bear is another that instantly caught my attention while browsing the store's contents. I mean, how could it not? The bear-print ribbon just is do darling!

I thought about wearing this one "hippie" style, but tried it and, well, it doesn't look as cute on me as it did in the original SCH store photos. I guess everybody is different and some things look better on some people than others! (I'll stick to wearing it the 'traditional' way.)

So, I feel like both headbands are very "me", especially the bear one. I love the design of how they were crafted - as you can see in the first several pictures, they are composed of ribbon fastened by felt triangles to a piece of elastic. Ingenious, no? Such a simple yet brilliant design.
 Both bands are very lightweight. Being mainly made of ribbon allows them to slip from position in your hair more easily, which is a negative.
However, I wouldn't let that stop me from wearing these cute hair accessories! I love headbands for keeping loose bangs/strands of hair out of the way.
The bottom line? I really like what I've seen of SecretCity so far. Gwenivere was a pleasure to work with, and her items are cute and unique.
Like I said before, she has both hairbands AND hats. I'd definitely suggest taking a look at her shop.
Thank you SCH for providing these items for review today! 
And now a question for all you wonderful readers! How do y'all like to wear headbands - the 'traditional' way (as pictured above) or, 'hippie' style?
Note: I was provided these items from SecretCityHandmade in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed remain mine and mine alone.

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