Monday, May 6, 2013

eShakti Personalized Fashion {ClassyGarb + review}

Has anybody ever heard of the online personalized clothing store eShakti?
Well, some time ago I was contacted by one of their associates about doing a product review here on APOC.
Now, when I got that email, you can imagine my excitement! I mean, WHEN do you just get a free, customized-to-your-exact-measurements dress of your choice?! Okay, so yeah. I was thrilled. Still am, rather.
I picked this uh-dor-able cotton dress which originally was sleeveless. The awesome thing about eShakti is, you can customize things! Take the sleeves here, for example. I wanted something that covered my arms more, so I chose the elbow-length sleeves.

Another thing I customized was the length - you can, with most of the eShakti dresses - pick between having the length at the knee, below the knee, mid-calf length, (which is what I chose) or above the knee.

I like how with this dress it has a removable sash to cinch the waist with.

Oh yeah, and did I mention the fact you can have your dress made according to your personal sizing/measurements? How amazingly cool is that? I really appreciated this because getting my sizing exactly right with dresses can be very difficult usual, with my height, curve placements, and body type. The dress fits me very well, and I have a little room to spare since I purposely measured a tad larger than my actual measurements. I also listed my height as 5'9", even though I'm really 5'8", so I could get a little extra skirt length.

I kid you not when I say this has literally become my current favorite dress. Ever since it first arrived in the mail, I have worn it nonstop. I like wearing it to church, the most. Already I've received tons of compliments on it, and many people note the unique green banding at the bottom of the skirt.

I myself like this detail greatly. It was one of the primary parts that caught my attention, on this piece.


As you can see I love to wear my cowboy boots (They're actually mens' Ariats, in case you wondered. Yeah. My feet are so big, I can't even wear womens' cowboy boots. -_-) with this dress. In fact, that's all I've cared to pare with it so far! Anybody know that feeling when you find this perfect outfit combination, and just want to keep wearing it over and over until it annoys those around you senseless, seeing the same combination continuously? Okay, so maybe that's just something weird that I do. :P
The only negative with this dress, is the neckline. Not that I don't like it, because it's lovely, but it's just a tad low for my comfort. I have worn necklines about this depth before, but they're not my preference. The first time I wore this dress to church, I put a black tank underneath...that got too hot however so I decided just to wear it as is, which has worked out fine. I think the way to solve this next time is to not go bigger on the bust measurements - which I did, just to be safe.
Anyway. Overall? I simply adore this dress to pieces! It's so cute, and several people have told me it "looked like me (my style)"...which I agree. The black makes it elegant and flattering, while the greens contrast and give it a nice, spring-y pop.
If you are looking for a quality dress that is literally made to YOUR liking, eShakti is the way to go!
They even have a deal for new customers - $25 off your first purchase!
ALSO. Here's a special code for an additional 20% off an eShakti order, just for you lovely APOC readers! Code: PNCHOFCLSY (valid thru 06/10/13) 
You can find out other deals and info at the eShakti Facebook page, or on their Pinterest account.
eShakti's motto is "Real fashion for real people". Even though I think models are "real people" too, since we're ALL created by God, it's nice to have a shop that offers apparel for people of all different sizes and shapes - let's face it, MOST girls aren't 5'11" and wearing a size 0! (Not to mention, we can't just photoshop all our imperfections away like in many photos of modern models.)
What do you think? If you could customize one part of a dress to your exact liking, what would it be?
Note: I was provided this item from eShakti in exchange for my honest review/opinion.


  1. I just LOVE that dress! And with all of those great discounts, I'll be sure to check it out!

  2. The dress is lovely! I'm already looking at the website. I can definitely use a new dress! :)