Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Vintage! Vintage! Vintage!

Hello Everyone!

Today I wasn't really sure about what I was going to post about but then I remembered!
I found a little hidden gem in my local area. That hidden gem was a boutique...
...and that boutique sells Vintage dresses!

[Insert Squeal of Excitement Here]

My sister and I went to the shop and tried on a couple dresses.
The first one I tried on, was cute but I didn't find to terribly flattering (colour wise) but I loved the style!

Can I just say how much I love the style and modesty of vintage clothing?! I am also quite convinced that I was made to wear these. I have a very curvy shape, so it was rather flattering and it fit perfectly to my form. On a whole I just loved the style! The narrow waist, the skirt style and length, the sleeves and the chest coverage. (That made me most excited y'all)...but now, let's just all admit the blue wasn't the greatest.

Luckily for me, I found the cutest dress, the same style, that had cherries on it, so obviously I HAD to try it on!
When I did, I half regretted it because I was unable to purchase the dress but...here is what t looked like...

Isn't it lovely? The instant I tried this on I fell in love with it and finally my mum and I came to the decision that vintage is probably one of the cutest styles in existence. 

Everything about the vintage style is just amazing and not to mention modest! That is what I love most about the whole vintage style! It's cute, it's classy and it's modest! A great mix if you ask me!

So, What are your thoughts on the vintage style? What do you love about it? Would you wear vintage clothing on a daily basis if you could? And, last question, have you discovered any little gems that sell your favourite clothing (like this boutique I found) in your area?

So, that is my post for today! Kinda fun and full of excited rambling, but still a post nonetheless. ;)

Until Next Time!


  1. Oh, I love those! Especially the cherry dress, how adorable! My only complaint with vintage clothes..is the pricetag! They always seem to be so dreadfully expensive! :(


    1. Yeah! The cherry dress was my favourite! and Yeah, the price always is a bit of a bummer and especially paired with boutique prices but if it is good quality, I am willing to pay the higher price. (if that makes sense)

  2. Wow, those both look so pretty on you! I too love vintage fashion- If I has access to a wardrobe of vintage fashion I probably would wear it all the time. I do like some modern styles too and I find that is what I mostly wear. Oh and by the way I love your hair!
    God bless,

    1. Thanks! and yes, I absolutely adore vintage fashion. I would definitely wear it all the time if I had access :P and yeah I agree on the modern style. Those are really nice too! (and thanks :P It's take a while to get it this long :P)

  3. Great post, Adriana! Those dresses are so pretty. I love vintage clothing SO much, and often I'll just waste time browsing vintage clothes online (especially on the Modcloth website!). But they're normally so pricey. *sigh*

    1. Thanks :) and I agree! They are absolutely gorgeous! (there was a red one but not in my size :( ) I absolutely adore vintage and will also spend oodles of time looking at it online. (Through etsy mostly) and indeed, price is always an issue too.

  4. I love vintage...and yes wear it too often...but I make most of my clothes, so, yeah.... Right now I'm making myself a bridesmaid dress for a wedding I'm going to be in and the wedding is w western themed, so my dress is very vintage! A-line blue seersucker, with lace sleeves and a lace border above the hem, and blue ribbon outlines the lace everywhere.

    1. Oh! That's so cool! I want to learn to make my own dresses like this. Oh my goodness! That sounds so beautiful! I would love to see a picture of that sometime :)

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