Saturday, December 5, 2015

Youth Group Mood Outfit

So sorry everyone! My week got a way...and then I remembered I had a blog post scheduled:b lol.

Thought I'd show you what an outfit for youth group looks like for me. :) :D

Bright. Crazy. Practical. Fun. Weird. Unique. That just about describes everything I wear to youth group :)


Pink shirt: Hand-me-down
Lace blouse: Thrift
Skirt: Thrift
Boots: gift
Headscarf: hand-me-down
Necklace: thrift
Bracelet: Plato's Closet

Don't you just love that none of this outfit but the bracelet was new!!! :D

Have a great day you all and dress crazy! What are you wearing now? What's something you like to wear or would like to wear that's unique?

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