Saturday, June 18, 2016

First Day of VBS Outfit Fun

So, I am now back at home.
The last six months, all the scenery you saw in the background was in Tennessee. 
Now it is home and Montana, one and the same :)
Here is a fun outfit I wore first day of VBS this year. 
VBS, by the way was so fun... I helped out with what I could, which didn't end up being much, but still fun. One thing that was fun was being a part of the skit - I was an evil lady! Ah, that was fun!!!!
Comfortable, wild, and pretty. 
Must say it is now a favorite of mine ;)

For my hair I tied a scarf around my head, pulled some of my hair to the front - pulling more to one side. On this side I did a long, small braid.

You can't tell, but all around, I am surrounded by chickens which I've just kicked away. ;)

I think we have plants growing in the boxes.

This is how you fashion model and hold a kitten all at once. Lol..He liked it actually. 

You can sort of see how I did my hair here.

It looks like the kitten wants to bite me now.


Skirt: Plato's closet
Shirt: Hand-me down
Flip-flops: Wal-mart
Scarf: Goodwill
Necklace: Made
Bracelet: a small antique shop

What sort of fun things do you like to do with your hair? Did your church do VBS this year? If so, what did you wear on the first day?

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