Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Quest for Fitness

 Hey everyone! Leah agreed to let me post today instead of yesterday, which I'm incredibly thankful for. I had planned a nice outfit post for you guys, but circumstances are making that look like a no-go for now. You see, we can't use our water right now because of a broken pipe in our town. We have water, but I guess it has lots of chemicals or something. So, I took pictures for my blog post a few days ago, but I only managed a few good ones. And now, I'm afraid my dress might be under a pile of laundry or hard to get to, since we can't wash any clothes. So, for now, I'm going to talk about something I'd like to accomplish. :) And I'd like to get you gals involved as well.

 I want to get fit. I'm not necessarily talking about getting skinny, or getting muscular. But I'm talking about feeling more healthy about my body. This fitness is about exercise as well as choices in food and drink.

 I've done some research, and I'm trying to work on becoming healthier.

 For example, I often only drink water, while my brothers enjoy sweet tea. Sometimes if we go by a coffee shop, I might grab something, and I occasionally make some lemonade. And... sometimes I have gotten a pop (soda) when we're traveling, or I'm sick, but that's definitely not a normal occurrence. But for casual drinking? I'm a water drinker. All the way. And guess what? I've heard water described as the 'miracle fat burner.' Apparently, dehydration slows down fat burning. Which is why if you're involved in a workout... or anything really... that makes you thirsty, listen to that instinct and guzzle some water.  Here's an interesting article about drinking water and it's benefits. Also, I've heard that drinking a glass of water before a meal helps with weight loss and overall health. So drink that water. But if you want to enjoy something now and again, don't hold yourself back. A glass of sweet tea, or whatever can be a reward.

Fun Fact: Fidgeting can help you burn around 300 calories a day.

 I've been on pinterest a lot lately, researching different things. One of them is for my Health board. On this board I plan to post many different things, so far mostly exercise ideas, but I plan to branch out. Anyway, I've encountered some interesting ideas that I'll share with you. I've yet to attempt all of them, but those I have... well they're quite interesting.

 This is the Scientific Seven Minute Workout.

 Now, I tried this when I was sick. Which I definitely do not recommend because when I got around the 10th step I had to stop for chest pains. Anyway, for me this was a pretty intense workout. I'm not exactly fit in the exercise way, so I suppose I have to build up to be able to accomplish everything on the list. I was able to do basically everything before step ten except for the triceps chair dip, and I think I was just confused about how to do that properly. And I need to do a push up the right way. Haha. Anywho, my stomach muscles are still sore from this workout, and I'm taking that as a good thing. When I'm 100% I want to try it again.

 If you check out my pinterest Health board, I have several other similar workouts, and some other things that might be a little easier for beginners, and possibly a little challenging for you fitness freaks. ;)

 I'll try to update you guys on how my quest goes. There are several other things that are involved in the recipe for fitness. Sometimes, getting into the habit of going for a walk everyday can be just as healthy as working out. And of course, eating healthier has it's benefits!

 Things like eggs are especially beneficial to a healthy lifestyle. (And weight loss.) Here's another article that has a few interesting fitness points. Some, I aim to try.

 As a Christian, I think keeping yourself healthy is a very important thing. The Bible says that our body is a temple. The temple was a very important spiritual place. So if God sees our bodies as an important spiritual place, we should strive to keep it clean and healthy.
  So, here goes. A more active lifestyle coming up! (Of course I've always tried to be healthy, but let's see if I can go the extra mile.) What do you guys think? Wanna try this fitness thing with me? Or are you already pumping weights/working out/staying healthy? :P

 Remember that you are beautiful the way God created you! Don't feel discouraged. I know just how you feel. And I may talk about that soon. :)

 Love you guys!


  1. This is great! I too am trying to get fit and healthy, and I really like the tips you gave. I'm off to check out your pinterest board! :)

    1. Awesome! Can't wait to hear about your progress. I'm still in the learning stage myself, but everything I discover I hope to keep everyone updated with. :)