Thursday, January 30, 2014

True Love...Is It Worth the Wait?

True Love Waits 

We've all heard the whole "true love waits" thing. Stay pure, save yourself for the one you'll marry, and wait for sex until you are actually married. We've seen the message displayed on posters, tee shirts, bible covers, purity rings, etc. A lot of us have even made the promise, but under the pressure of pop culture we've also been faced with a question.

Is It Really Worth Waiting? 

Well, is it? In a world that objectifies, idolizes, and pushes sex is it really worth it to wait? How can you guarantee your future significant other will? How can you know it isn't just some old-fashioned and outdated idea? What if you're missing out on something? Besides everyone's doing it, right?
You go through school being taught "safe" sex. You watch it promoted on TV. You hear about the scandals and the one night stands of Hollywood that are glorified for everyone to see.
They tell you to explore, have fun, experiment, and get experience. Make yourself feel good just so you can get sick on the emotional roller coater that follows.
With so much social pressure from the media, friends, and even in some cases family waiting almost seems like a huge waste of time. But is it?
What's the answer?

Yes,  Waiting Is Totally Worth Everything. 

After all when was the last time you head someone say they regretted waiting? I don't know about you, but that's one thing I have yet to hear. On the other hand I've lost track of all the young women in their twenties that have told me they regretted not waiting. Waiting might seem old fashioned, but it has never hurt anyone, whereas countless futures have been complicated because of the extra emotional baggage that comes with sex outside of marriage.


Well you see, when Adam and Eve were created they were meant to stay with each other for the rest of their lives. Marriage was something that was supposed to literally last until death, and intimacy was created for the confines of marriage. It was perfect.
That is, it was perfect until sin entered into the world, which was followed by lust. On average, statistics show that most teenagers loose their virginity between ages 16-18. At this time you're emotionally confused, driven by hormones, and certainly (or at least in most cases) not ready to get married. However, the issue is that relationships today are so caught up in the physical that concern for purity gets pushed to the side.

Will You Wait? 

Yet despite the push from pop culture, there are so many kids out there who are sticking with the struggle to stay pure and save themselves for marriage. Not only does this decision give glory and honor to God, but it also helps safe guard yourself against sin now and helps build a pure foundation for marriage later on.

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