Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Aquarian Bath Naturals {review}

Hey ladies! Sorry for the absence in posts. I just got back from a week-long beach vacay, and besides that have been just super busy with life in general.
Anyway! Several months back I was sent some natural bath products from Aquarian Bath.
"Aquarian Bath, Inc. is your source for all natural gentle soaps, herbal balms, and salves. All my soaps are either unscented or lightly scented with only pure essential oils. My soaps are orangutan friendly. I do not use palm oil, which is a threat to orangutan and rain forest; jungle habitat is cleared to make way for palm plantations." - quote from the Aquarian Bath Facebook page.
I've been trying to find natural alternatives to shampoo and conditioner for years. But most things I've discovered either don't work, or are too expensive for my limited budget. Have you ever been in this situation?
So, I enjoyed getting to use the hair bars and sea salt scrub that were given for me to review. I definitely made them last!
1. Ocean Waves sea salt scrub bar.  This is the bar furthest to the left in the picture above. It has a good lather and excellent exfoliating properties. My only complaint is that is doesn't really have a scent, and I prefer soaps with strong scents. Nonetheless, this is definitely a practical bar and it lasts a long while. You get your money's worth, so to speak. I liked using it as a facial bar to help with my oily skin.
2. Lavender Patchouli Hemp shampoo bar. This has a mild, pleasant scent. I liked it well enough. It worked decent as a shampoo, although a little harder to use than traditional shampoo. But that's expected of any shampoo bar versus liquid shampoo.
3. Key Lime shampoo bar.  This was my favorite of all the bars I was sent. I liked the smell, which was very fresh, citrus-y and tangy. Invigorating! It was the same as the lavender bar in consistency. I would use this one again. I don't really have any complaints here. The only thing is that it takes a little getting used to making the transition from liquid to solid shampoo, but like I said, that's expected and I'm not going to make a fuss over it!
Aquarian Bath is a family-owned business in Daytona Beach, FL. They don't use GMO oils of any kind which I'm pleased to see. I appreciate that they are keeping their product line completely natural and organic. Overall, I give this business a thumbs-up and suggest you go check them out for yourself!
Here are some social media sites they're on:
Note: I was provided these items in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed remain mine and mine alone.

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