Wednesday, July 8, 2015

God's Special Blessings + Product Review

  This world is headed into so many strange directions these days. Some see these directions as progressive and great, others aren't quite so thrilled. Today, I wanted to focus on something I think is very special. There are differing opinions about this thing. What is this? Children.

  Children are beautiful creations, full of life and curiosity. It's so interesting to think about how God decided to create human beings as small babies that grow up instead of just making full grown adults from the get-go. (Not counting Adam and Eve of course.) The miracle of life is one of the most fascinating and beautiful things, and a small baby happens to be one of my favorite things.

  Unfortunately in the world we live in, life and children are becoming less important. Parents are taking less interest in the growth of their children and what was once sacred has now become a nuisance. While I am not here to discuss political stances, and yada yada, I am here to provide encouragement. So I wanted to talk about something I am looking forward to: Motherhood.

  Many think that being a mother is a lowly job, and it's more chic to be a business woman or a doctor. Both of these things can be valuable, but I just want to confirm the value of motherhood today. Whatever you have chosen, there is a reason God chose women to raise children. It's because we are especially equipped to take care of and understand children. So while I also respect and love all women who have chosen to go into careers, I just wanted today's post to be a special shout out to those mother's who gave their lives to serve their children. (And to those who work to provide for their children, I salute you as well!)

  Although it is not Mother's Day, it is good to reflect and be thankful for the things a mother provides. My mother is a special woman. For years she worked and studied, hoping to become a doctor. When that didn't pan out, she chose another and equally important calling: Motherhood. She spent years teaching us values, and telling us about Christ. Her one goal was always that we do the right thing and serve God.

  My mother has taught me so many valuable things, including the importance of children. My mother (and my father) has always encouraged me to attain my goals, to follow my dreams, but to always keep God at the forefront of all my desires.

 I'm thankful for all the mothers God created, whether they are home makers, or businesswomen.

 And now a review! Speaking of motherhood, my sister is also a mother. She has both a three year old
daughter and a two year old son. (They're totally adorable.) See, here's my niece --> (you'll see my nephew in a future post.)

  When you have little children, light sockets can be a problem. Curious fingers mess around with them and they can make a lot of trouble. So when I had the opportunity to review some socket covers, I decided to get them for my sister so all the other moms who might read this blog could get some info.

  I was provided Coverplug paintable outlet covers form Coverplug Inc. I sent them home with my sis when she visited and she put them to use. And what I heard about them was only good news.

Usually outlet covers stick out so kids always try to pull them out but this one looks like a plate and completely covers the power outlet. You completely forget it being there and so do the kids (most important thing). Really like it. The kids don’t even notice it. It looks like one of the screw on plates, flat against the wall. It covers entire plug in. So it works much better than most covers. My nephew and niece are always pulling out plugs, but they can’t pull this one and don’t even notice. It covers entire outlet. Blends in and looks like regular outlet plates. Even if they wanted to they couldn't get their fingers around it to pull it out, unlike many outlet covers that stick out. You can even paint it to match your wall color so it blends in even better.

 So if you expect to have little ones in your house any time soon and need some outlet covers, consider these awesome ones. :) See it here

 Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed today's post. 

~ Bethany

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