Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Anaiti {Product Review}

Today will be a bit of a posting blitz because without realizing it, I have several reviews to do today! So that's interesting. To get this thing cracking, I'm going to start with a double review. I'll be reviewing Anaiti's Age-Defying Face Cream and New Instant Wrinkle Smoothing Serum. I received these in exchange for my honest review.

So here's a photo. You also get to see part of my bathroom counter and toothbrush holder (as well as my little glass bottle haha.) Anywho, this is some nice stuff. It retails for $49.99. (See it on Amazon.)

 I gave it to my mom since she always likes to claim the wrinkle stuff. She's almost sixty now, but she looks great for her age, so... But I borrowed it to write my own evaluation (with some added thoughts from her.)

  The container is a sturdy metal. The lotion inside is very light, which I appreciate. I tend to dislike overly thick face lotions especially. This lotion is light so that when you apply it, you don't /feel/ like there is something weighing on your face.

 My brother describes this scent as creamy, which is weird since he really doesn't know what he's talking about haha. I would describe it as a sort of floral toned scent, though it isn't too strong. Just a sort of refreshing scent to it. My mom gives it her stamp of approval and plans to keep using it.

The cream has several ingredients to it that add to its skin work. Hyaluronic Acid, which is basically a great moisturizer, Renovage, which lessens pigmentation,  and Matrixl, which according to the company can reduce wrinkles up to 68%. The company also lists increased elasticity/skin hydration, loss of pigmentation/wrinkles, and smaller pores as results of this product.

As you can see it's a pretty nice product.

Now onto the serum! As you can see this bottle is taller and has a pump. It is also more liquid/gel as it is
a serum instead of a cream. You can also see one of my favorite decorations which is a little artistic scripture in the background haha.

 The serum has the same scent as the cream, though instead of a light feeling, it is a bit more elastic. My mom likes this one as well. In some ways it is similar to to the cream, but some ways it is different.

 It is a vitamin C rejuvenating serum with the same Renovage and Matrixl that the other has. It seems to have some good benefits such as UV protection and wrinkle reducing, etc. It is great for using under the eyes for dark circles, crow's feet, etc.  It is, just like the first item I reviewed, a good quality product and it retails a bit higher on Amazon. Though currently it is on sale for $39.99.

 Thanks for reading!

~ Bethany

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