Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Voice Remedy {Product Review}

 Okay, so this review is actually a different sort than I've done before, but one I'm probably more excited about than some others. I'm reviewing Sprouts Voice Remedy and I received it in exchange for my honest review.

 I've probably referenced before but I love singing, musical theater, and performance. I also love to sing to glorify God. But one thing that can happen no matter how careful you are when singing is vocal wear. If you use your voice a lot over a period of time it will start to wear out and sometimes it is good to have something to help you out. That's why I was excited to review this remedy.

As you can see it comes in a dark glass bottle with a stopper. The stuff smells pretty nasty to me. Which is normal for typical voice sprays.
 It is a really strong scent that I'm pretty sure has to do with the herbs it contains.

The taste isn't a whole lot better. Sort of a weird mix between sweet and bitter, but it's not something one couldn't get used to, and like I said, it's basically the norm for vocal remedies.

I used this when my voice felt worn and it definitely did help with the soreness. I can see this stuff coming in handy next time I'm in a show, or even when I'm at a church event where I have to sing a lot. Even though its taste isn't the most pleasant, its uses outweigh its tastes and it isn't so bad, really.

 The one thing I have to say is that I think the company should try to convert to spray bottles instead of droppers. The problem with the droppers is you have to drop twenty-five drops down your throat and that can be pretty nasty/take a while. A spray bottle can be used rather quickly and efficiently, so that is what I recommend. Otherwise, a very nice product with helpful voice ingredients. If you are a singer or have a job where you speak a lot, I would definitely recommend looking into a voice remedy. Here it is on Amazon.

~ Bethany

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