Saturday, September 12, 2015

Denim And Feminine ( Fashion Post )

Hey, you all! I'm new to this blog - and since I'm new I should do this really awesome, unique post in fashion!!!😃

I should....

And I will....sometime after this post 😛. I promise, after this one I will try to do some really great ones. 

But joining suddenly like this, I didn't take the time to prepare a longer, yeah... :)

So, a little about me -  I am Keturah and 19. I was homeschooled, I live in Montana, I love writing and reading, and there are a lot of crazy things about me - too much to list off, but some of which you can read about at my blog or on Facebook.

When it comes to clothes I'm opinionated, in a free manner of speaking, lol!

I believe girls should dress pretty, practical and comfortable and that all three of those are equally important. 

You can't have one without the other. And having all three should spell out modesty ;)

And I love denim. Its just so comfortable and practical - and pretty!

Cheap is vital for most girls I know  - meaning most will end up dressing "trashy" because they can't afford to dress up.

That's why I like thrift stores!!!

The hardest thing to find at thrift stores are nice skirts or dresses.

But you can find them!

This skirt was such an exciting find for me. Both of the shirts were found at thrift stores also.

One of the great things about denim skirts - they don't take much to dress up. As you can see, a colorful shirt and necklace does the trick for me.

Outfit #1:
Skirt: Thrifted
Shirt: Thrifted
Tank top: Wal-Mart
Necklace: Made
Bracelet: Plato's Closet
Flipflops: Thrifted

Outfit #2:
Skirt: Thrifted
Shirt: Thrifted
Tank top: Thrifted
Hair: Ribbon from Jo-Ann's braided into my hair

So, what do you all think? Like wearing denim skirts as well? 

~ Keturah


  1. Denim skirts are the bomb if you can find them! Welcome to the team, Keturah.

    1. Absolutley:) they can be hard to can sometimes make them cheaply:)