Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hiking *with modesty and femininity*

So, this post almost didn't happen this week....because my photographer ( my sister ) has been out of town the last couple weeks.

But then I remebered, I do have other pictures..... ;)

This summer I did A LOT of hiking.

It's one of those things that you don't like to wear much....yet should haha.

First time climbing a mountain ( a small one ). In Colorado. I think my face shows it :)

Pink and green go great together ❤ ;)

Cotton skirts aren't the best for hiking :)

Perfect hiking skirt :D

Always have the water bottle handy!!!

Loved hiking with this girl!!!

The water bottle is the most essential item of the hiker's outfit!

1. Practical
If you notice, I'm wearing no jewelry, nothing extra, ( well, some would consider the skirt extra, lolol ), just what I need to make a hike.

I'm also wearing leggings under my skirt so I can practically climb, slide, run, and such with out worry or unnecessary added caution ( of my skirt flying up! Haha ).

2. Pretty

Skirt. Colorful shirts.

I didn't feel like adding any other "pretty".

Haha. No, but seriously, when hiking, this is when the practical side plays heavier.

The most important thing is confidence in appearance. If you feel like your outfit is pretty ( be it ever so simple ) it will appear to be pretty to everyone :D Truth. So, just smile, for when you hike, that's the only jewelry you need :D.

3. Comfortable
Cotton knit shirts.

Stretchy denim skirts ( with out to much extra fabric ).

Breathable leggings.

Lightweight shoes with a nice arch.

Hair back in a secure ponytail.

Comfort also plays a huge role in my decision for dressing when hiking :).


Hat: Knitted myself
Shirts: Thrift
Skirts: Thrift
Leggings: Wal-Mart
Shoes: My dad found then somewhere:b

And don't forget the water bottle!!!!!!! Or you'll end up gasping for WATER! Haha ;)

I dress similar to this, also, when doing things like caving/ other active or dirty activities. Just might add a jacket and mud boots :D

So, what do you all think? Is the skirt a bit excessive? I must admit I got quite a few looks about that, lol....and compliments. :D

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