Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dressing For Church ( Quick, yet Nice )

First of all I love editing photos too much :) :) ;).

Here's a fun outfit I wore to church last week. The weather is getting warmer so long sleeves and boots are necessary now. I must say I love boots...but I love flip flops more :D

My new facebook profile picture :b

1. Practical

I have to work before church, so my mornings are hectic with little time even to get ready for church.

But it's church, and the occasion calls for dressing up....and not for housecleaning ;).

So, it's practical in that it's a time efficient outfit, yet looks nice enough for church. :)

2. Pretty

Of course this outfit is pretty according to my tastes ;).

But what adds that prettiness for me is the pink skirt, the lace on the shirt, the necklace, my braid in my hair, and the ssparkly boots. :)

3. Comfortable

And it was a very comfortable outfit! I did not have to feel like I was being suffocated, not conscience about how it all wore.

I must say I loved this outfit very much!!!!!


Button up shirt: Thrifted
T-shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: Made
Boots: I can't remember the name of the store...some small store in the mall :)
Necklace: gift


  1. Oooo cute outfit! Love that skirt! So pink! ;) Nice blog!

    1. Thank you, Katie!!!! Yes, isn't it such a fun skirt!? I must say I adore pink :D