Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bohemian: Fasion plus a Piece of Writing

Goodmorning everyone!!!!! I'm waking up from a girls' this post is a little late :/

 Here is the outfit I wore for Christmas!!! It was so fun :) - the outfit and Christmas. We had a blast!

On Christmas, we had a party and everyone gave speeches or shared something little. I gave the following :)

Reason For Reason ( A Facebook post by Keturah Lamb )

Atheism, evolutionism and such theories try to give a reason for existance, then say life has no reason, that all reason is unreasonable ( besides their reason for this unreasonable reason ). To them all is random madness lacking reason or meaning.

Yeshuah ( Jesus ) gives us reason for existance and shows how our life has reason. His reasoning demands that there be a reason for that what is, and that we reflect that reasoning by being and producing more reason.

Without reason we have no reason. Thus reason proves itself by reasoning what is reasonable. You can't explain the reason of something then say it has no reason. Because the reason reasoning exists is to prove that which is reasonable - that there is a reason.

GIVE ME COURAGE ~ Keturah Lamb

Give me courage, Oh Yahweh,
     To get me through me every day.
Give me courage to stand strong
     To sing your praise, to sing your sing.

If I need to run, help me,
    Or need to return, lead me back.
Give me courage, chained or free.
     Yah, in this let me never slack.

Give me courage to stand up
     For others - Let me do what's right.
Let me never be afraid
     To sacrifice my life - to fight.

Give me courage to face death.
     Give me courage to face freedom.
Oh, Yah, please give me Courage
     To help - to be others ransom.

When it's dark, give me courage.
     When all hope's gone, help me shine.
Courage to go to the edge,
     Show my face, step into your line.

I had fun doing my hair!!! I didn't have any bobby pins - but that's ok :)


Dress: Ross
Shirt: Hand-me down
Tank top: Hand-me down
Necklace: Thrift
Long necklace: Gift
Bracelet: Plato's
Boots: Plato's

So, what do you think of this outfit? Isn't it just so fun looking!? Have a great weekend, you all !!! :D


  1. I'm not much of a dress girl, but it looks cute.

    1. I don't usually like dresses either. I'm more for skirts :D Thanks!!!