Saturday, January 2, 2016

Red Cowgirl

Hey, ya'll!

So, I'm away from home right now. Meaning my normal photographer, my sister isn't here to help me take photo's.

But to make up for that, she'll be modeling today's post :)

Meet Jerushah!

Having fun doing wild things, climbing trees, running through the creek, and hunting, she is more on the practical side when it comes to dressing. Which means she has a style totally her own. Think western, cowgirl, farm girl, native American and "whatever works" all together.


Dress: thrift
Shirt: thrift
Jacket: thrift
Necklace: gift from me ;) I can't remember the name of the store.
Boots: hand-me down

So, this is an outfit my sister wore to church. It was easy and quick for her to  put this together 

She likes to match, and doesn't like much contrast. Also, she loves her boots. I got her to wear the necklace... something I bought for her that she happened to like.

It was comfortable, quick and passed my mom's and my approval of being decent. So, perfect for her. :D

So, what do you think of this? How is your day going? Comment your thoughts!


  1. What a cute dressed country girl! I love it!

    1. I know! Isn't she looking pretty good!? Thanks for commenting :)