Saturday, November 26, 2016

Farm Girl Classy

This last week, for church, I liked my sister's outfit better than my own ;b

So, of course I decided to use it for the next fashion post. 

And she takes so many pictures for me, it's fun to sometimes let her be the model.

So, enjoy these fun pictures! 

this isn't what it looks like... 

She loves cats... 
...and the wind loves her.

I'm pretty sure all of her outfit, except for the necklace came from thrift stores. (We have a thing for them, ya know ;b) The necklace I bought for her at some small store in the mall.

She was really pleased to find the sandals recently. They made her think Bible times :D And the really go with her style.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures! Have a great weekend!

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